Friday, July 21, 2006


This destruction of Beirut, Lebanon by Israel has gone beyond outrageous, and I am tired of the supremacy that some in the press have for Israel's self-righteous attitude in killing hundreds of innocent people, as much of 1/3 of whom are children. I heard Newt Gingrich (whom I will never vote for), make a comment about the number of casualties on the Israel side of the war and the casualties on the Lebanon side of the war, as he stated that "Israel has so fewer jews...than there are people living in Lebanon" paraphrased. Now, one only need look in the CIA World Fact Book that there is a link for in my links to the right to see that the population is approximately 60% greater in Israel than in Lebanon! Is the life a Jew more valuable than the life of a Christian or a Muslim that resides in Lebanon? NO! Gingrich is a nothing but a butt kissing and a shoe licking NEOCON! I most certainly hope that the Citizens in the United States wake up and see this war for what it is. Iraq was a war for the Jews, and I do not want to see American soldiers sacrificed for them at all. The Jews in Israel do not seem to be able to get along with their neighbors, and they need to get out of the land that they are occupying in Syria and quit using weaponry supplied by the United States to bully those weaker than them. Israel started this war by firing a missile on the beach in the Gaza Strip, which led to the kidnapping or "capturing" of two of Israel's soldiers. I think that our House of Representatives and President Bush are wrong to be advocates of this war, and if we get involved it will be a crisis for our Constitution. What is going to happen, in my opinion, is that our soldiers in Iraq will be at risk when a war breaks out, which will give Bush and company reason for us to join in World War III I am so sad to see this coming about, and I truly believe that we are paying the price for transplanting European Jews in Palestinian Land after World War II. It was illegal to do that and it was morally wrong, as well. We are to be a defender of the United States, and Isreal is not part of the United States. But according to our bought politicians, they have indeed confirmed that they believe that our Constitution is not worth the paper it is written on. NO WAR FOR ISRAEL!

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