Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The most remarkable thing about President Bush is that he says the same thing in every speech that he gives regardless of the location that he happens to be. When a person stands on principles, then they do not have to tell one group one thing and another group something else. I am not happy with the GOP because I think that retaining power has been the focus for so long, that politicians have lost sight of why they are in Washington D.C., but I still have unconditional support for the President.

Oh, there are things that President Bush has done that I disagree with, such as standing with Joe Lieberman, the weasel that aided Al Gore in putting our Country in turmoil in 2000. And I think that the person that advised him to do the joke to the press corp about looking for WMD, under the desk and podium was crass and disrespectful of those that gave their lives in the War on Terror and those still fighting. But I also know that he cannot please everyone all the time, and that is what is so remarkable about our President, which is that he appears so down to earth. Just imagine if Kerry were President and we were in the same War on Terror, he would no doubt deny that he ever gave the decision to go to war in the first place. I can imagine it now, as he would say that the fighter planes started dropping bombs before he had a chance to examine the war plans. The military jumped the gun he would say, and I had to go along with it. Well, maybe I am being ridiculous. But I just thank the Lord that we are not in this War on Terror with Kerry as our President.

The United States has changed so much in my lifetime, and I actually feel sorrow that secularism is winnig out over traditional Christian values. I realize that unless some miracle happens to change the attitude of many Americans, that President Bush may be the last person to hold this office that actually respects the role of Commader in Chief of the Armed Forces. I cannot think of a single Democrat active in politics today that could fill the office with the dignity that President Bush has. The President has not had one day that was easy in the last five years, and there is no doubt in my mind that he has had many restless nights worrying about our Country. Wouldn't it be great to hear the liberal media to actually say thank you Mr. President for working so hard to protect all of us? So, I will say it myself, thank you President Bush and God bless you!

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