Sunday, January 21, 2007


New U.S. Congress Shaping Up to Promote Israel Over All
By Robert L. JohnsonJanuary 19th, 2007
With Bush announcing he is escalating the war in Iraq, a war he and his neocon warmonger buddies started in order to promote the neocon dream of Israel over all and to promote Bush’s political career, it appears the government is going to take Americans further down the dark and deadly road required to build and guarantee a Greater Israel of Biblical proportions.
Many people thought that by playing the government shell game of voting in the Democrats, they were doing something good. Realistic people, however, realize the Democrats and Republicans are just two different masks for the same monstrosity–kosher government.
To quote the global news service of the Jewish People, JTA:
“No one denies that the Republican-led US House of Representatives, in power from 1995 until 2006, was overwhelmingly pro-Israel. But with Democratic wins in both houses, the 110th Congress removes from power several maverick Republicans who wanted the United States to be more critical of Israel, and boosts to leadership lawmakers who are not just Israel-friendly but intimately acquainted with the US Jewish community.”
Can you imagine the nerve of “maverick” US Congressmen daring to be critical of Israel?! Don’t they know that according to the book the ancient Jews wrote, the Bible, we, the Gentiles, are here on earth to serve the Jews, who are “above all people that are upon the face of the earth”?
The JTA article goes on to mention the many ways the 110th Congress is putting Israel’s interests above all other interests. It mentions Democratic Representative from Maryland, Steny Hoyer, who was chosen to be the majority leader. Hoyer, the article boasts, “is on a first-name basis with much of the board of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and has been to Israel multiple times, exhibiting broad knowledge of its political workings.” (more…)

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