Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Last evening, I watched the Christian Alliance Caucus or whatever the correct title is for all of the Republican Presidential hopefulls for 2012. Ralph Reed told the crowd that there was no limit on the amount that could be contributed, unlike a political campaign that has, I believe, a $2,000 cap on donations per person. Ralph was encouraging the crowd to give $5,000 if one could. The speakers included Herman Cain, a former governor of Louisianna named Buddy Roehmer, Newt Gingrich (former Speaker of the US Congresswhen the Republicans led by a Democrat President put a nail in the coffin for US workers). For those of you who do not remember that is when the Contract with America was signed into law. You know what was it called Shafta? LOL Yes, workers got the shaft in the United States, and all of them still brag on it in 2011! Give me a break.

Now, I do like Rick Santorium, he is a good morals based Republican. But my favorite speech was by Buddy Roehmer who gave the lobbyist hell, and by saying that he would take no lobbyist money or special interest money. Buddy talked about taking donations of no more than $100 per person, and that each person who contributed would be listed. Now, that is a good idea! But the lobbyist in the audience and the fat cats who thrive on lobbyists were silent in the auditorium!

Now, if the Republicans can pull off a victory in the Iowa Caucuses what does that mean for the citizens of our Country? Rick Santorium (sp?) is well-intentioned, but when you stand at a speaker in this Country and talk about the American people caring for one another that is a hard stretch. Now, I am still (unfortunately a resident of Bibb County Georgia), and there are more churches in the city of Macon, Georgia per capita than anywhere else in the United States, which is a fact I heard about six or seven years ago.

Now, let me give you an example of Christianity in Macon, Georgia. Last year, I looked outside oneday and saw a friend and tax client of mine walking home from work where he works at Kroger on Hartley Bridge Road. I could not stop what I was doing and give the guy a ride, so I went out to Hartley Bridge Road and tried to flag someone over to give my friend a ride. I do believe he was not going home that day, perhaps to Lawrence Drive Baptist Church. Well, finally, I got a white-haired lady to slow down (I mean I was actually risking my life in the traffic wizzing by). I ask the lady if she could give my friend a ride, and she told me she had to be somewhere. I told her it would just take a few minutes. This woman gave me a stupid looking stare. I ask her "Are you a Christian?" She answered: "yes I am." And then she put up her window and drove off! Now, mind you my friend has worked at Kroger on Hartley Bridge Road, since probably 1999 or 2000, and he is in his forties and was born Down Syndrome. Everyone in South Macon knows who I am speaking of. Now, his father who is also a tax client of mine is lying in a bed at the Goodwill Nursing Home on Houston Avenue. This man is retired from Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation, and was a hard working union man. This man is a God fearing Christian, and has had Diabetes for years. This man has been going for Dialysis treatment three days a week for a few years now, and about five months ago, he had both legs cut off at the knees.

So, all the so-called Christians on Hartley Bridge Road, Jones Road, School Road and in Oakview Subdivision just go on about their lives giving their tithes or whatever to the churches to pay for the pew they sit on every Sunday, but never look around in the community at the suffering going on. Now, there is no reason whatsoever that my friend with Down Syndrome should be living in a run down trailer in a delapidated trailer park, in my opinion. Now, I am a Certified Public Accountant, and used to have a respectable business on Hartley Bridge Road until political operatives seen it as their divine right to destroy what small business I had worked so hard to build. These political operatives and religous zealots lied about my identity, lied about where I live, lied about my marital status (I was divorced from my second husband March 7, 2008, and I have lived alone in Northeast Macon in a home I have owned since 1981, since November 2007). These people have saw fit to destroy our families reputation, not telling the truth that I have a tenth grader, a son named Matthew, which means "Gift of the Lord" or not telling the truth that I have a son named Mark, age 32 who served in the United States Marine Corps for five years!

Oh, how they have spun their wicked lies! Oh, I was once the Student Government President at Macon Junior College in 1985. I was ask by Dean Cloaninger to run for President of the SGA to help the school become a four year college. I told the Dean that I was going to school to be a CPA, and shouldn't I run for Treasurer. You see, I never even thought about running. I actually received a letter from the Administration. So, I did run, and I won, and I worked with as much effort as possible to help convince anyone that would listen that people needed an affordable public college that was a four year school in Bibb County, Georgia. Now, I worked very hard, my husband at that time worked third shift at Brown and Williamson, Mark was about five years old, and his dad worked forced overtime often. Sometimes the overtime was voluntary, but many times it was forced overtime.

I was a full-time college student, with a child attending First Presbyterian Day School, he played tee ball, took piano lessons at Georgia Music,and I did all I could to promote Macon Junior College. I worked on the first float for the college that was in the Cherry Blossom Parade. And what thanks do I get from the community in Macon, Georgia. I get my name slandered all over town with people changing my identity, using other people to represent me! I am followed all over Georgia, anywhere I go with blacks and whites having cell phones to track every move I make. I have lost 85% of my CPA practice since early 2008, and my vehicles have had costly repairs. Where some assholes put my music on line, I would hear in 2008 and 2008, my stereo in my cars dragging and if I put a CD in it would drag. I could tell that someone was interfering with my cars, I mean afterall, I was not born yesterday.

I have had to replace the alternators and the batteries in the last two years in both of my cars (a 1999 Cadillac and a 1992 Pontiac Firebird). My business phone line at my CPA office has been wire-tapped, since early 2008, and my cell phone has been wire-tapped, too. When I turned on my radio in late 2007, I started noticing horrible songs would play, such as a Led Zeppelin song that always played about a woman who drives an aged Cadillac with alimony paying her way. And the song by Bob Dylan always played "how does it feel to be on your own without a home."

Oh, I have even had a former tax client of mine threaten me, holler at me, and the police have done nothing to him, as far as I know. I had a complaint filed against John MacDonald who resides at 139 Lew Drive, Macon, Georgia 31216. John told me on April 17, 2010 at Eagle Gun Range the following: "Linda we are watching your CPA office and we are going to close you down." Yes, my name is Linda Jo Alexander Poole. I used to be Linda Jo Alexander Foley when I attended Macon Junior College and Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia. So, this is how the people in Middle Georia treat an enterpreneur business owner who has earned a BBA in Accounting with a 3.78 GPA, Cum Laude, earned a Masters in Business in Administration at Georgia College in 1994, and has worked very hard at 4145 Hartley Bridge Road, Macon, Georgia 31216 in a building I co-own with my ex-husband, Lamar Poole!

Now, I try to explain or reconcile in my heart why people could destroy me in the manner that they have. I am down to very little money in retirement plans right now. Do these people even care that Lamar and I have had to sell about $35 thousand dollars worth of stock holding in the last three years or that I have had to sell most of my Roth IRA that was set up to send Matthew to college. Or do they care that I have had to sell most of my Simple IRA that I will have to incur a ten percent extra tax on. By the way, that tax will be on a 2009 income tax return that I have not yet filed as a single taxpayer. I have not filed my 2009 Corporate Income Tax Return for the first time that I incorporated my firm in 1996, I believe. I had an extension through October 15, 2010, that has lapsed by.

All I have to do is pull out of my driveway on Engle Drive in Northeast Macon, Georgia and be followed on the Interstate out to my office here on Hartley Bridge Road. This shit has gone on now, since 2008! I am suspicious of my next door neighbors, heck I am suspicious of everyone in Georgia, now. My next door neighbor on one side of me is Charlotte Hardy who works for the City of Macon, and on the other side is Judy Harden, Jr. "Chuck." I have known Chuck, since 1981 and I believe Charlotte bought the home from Chip and Pam Yates in 1984 or 1985.

Someday, the truth will come out and there will be hell to pay. Anyone that wants some details on what I have been through can give Judge William Adams of State Court of Georgia on the Fifth Floor of the Bibb County Court House! Just let me say this, this whole town or most of the town has violated my civil and constitutional rights to the nth degree!

Now, today has been a fairly productive day at my CPA office. I have worked on four 2010 Individual Income Tax Returns, made several phone calls and received several calls. When my clients call me about the status of their income tax return, I try to explain that I am working alone, as I have now for the past three tax seasons, and everytime someone stops by to ask about the status of their return and or calls me, then I get side-tracked, and that is time I cannot get work done.

When I tell my tax clients what all has gone on with me, they just seem to downplay it. Now, Susan who came in while ago seemed very concerned about what was going on. I made up a pink poster yesterday entitled "Who Am I," and it is tacked onto my CPA sign out in my parking lot. The "Who Am I" poster has nine hand-written points to tell who I am. I am the person that everyone followed in 2008 trying to catch me having an affair. I am the person that the Republican Party kept silent because I supported Ron Paul for President! Oh, I even went to the State Convention for the Republican GOP (Grand Old Poopers) in 2008 in Columbus Georgia. Just ask the retired General who was running for the Congressional Seat number 8 against Jim Marshall. Oh, his name is Rick Goddard and his wife is Judy. Why I sat right in front of them at the State Convention! When the delegates were announced, Rick Goddard commented: "No Ron Paul supporters are delegates." No shit Sherlock! Of course, I was my usual outspoken self. I was complaining about the ramrodding of stuff the assholes on the stage were pushing through. I remember someone looking at me and I could read his lips as he was asking some other asshole, "who is she?'' the other asshole just nodded a negative like beats the hell out of me!

Now, I will tell you there was a nice man that headed up the Georgia Party who passed away in 2008. This man's name was Donald Layfield. Don knew that I was gung ho about President Bush getting reelected in 2004, and ask questions about how I could go to the Republican Convention in New York. Well, it was tax time when the State Convention was held in Columbus, Georgia in 2004, and Don ask me to send him a resume of why I would like to go to the convention and to tell him about myself. Don always had a spot at the Convention, but was too ill to go. So, Don talked to some other people at the Convention, and he called it "backroom politics," and he was able to secure me an Alternate Delegate spot. Well, that night I was so excited when I received his phone call. I was told that I was an Alternate Delegate, that the Georgia Delegation was staying in a pricey location, and the cost was my responsibility. I was also told that many of the women were not at all happy that I was going as an Alternate Delegate because I was not at the State Convention, and plus the Country Club Southern Belles did not like me anyway (I already knew that).

Oh, this story twisted and turned away from Iowa Christian Alliance or whatever it is called, but really it tells a good story of the universal heart of Republicans. Well, now don't go getting your pride swelled up Democrats! I think most Democrat politicians are assholes, too.

As, I say sometimes "toot a loo" until next time. I heard Kathy Bates use that line in a movie a while back. Have a good day. ROFLMAO...I would like to put my fist in the mouth of assholes who tell me to have a good day everyday. (not really). But I did tell a lady at the MWA yesterday, that my line should really be Clint Eastwood's line as Dirty Harry "Go ahead and make my day!" That is my line (the have a nice day) and no one ever said have a nice day in Macon, Georgia until the last three years! Trust me, I am telling the truth. When you went through a drive through restaurant, you were lucky if the cashier looked at you when giving you the change back. And, I actually shopped at Krogers when the cashiers would be talking on the telephone and ringing up my groceries. Same at Walmart of anywhere! Customer service sucked big time in Macon, Georgia, when things were rocking along with the fake economy!

So, trust me, what people have done to me is no accident of mistaken identity. This plan was a perfect design! They know what they have done!