Sunday, September 06, 2009

Unemployment Rates for Veterans Returning From War

There is an article online about veterans unemployment rates reaching 11.3%. I am having trouble copying and pasting the link, but an article can be found by doing a search. The reason this rate alarms me, is that it is my opinion that we should fire all of the stupid people working at corporations and replace them with those that served in the military. Now, that is hard to do, right. But is it not a shame when someone is willing to give their lives for our Country have such a hard time finding a job. A perfect example, I will share, is that when my son, Mark, was trying to find a job before he was to get out of the US Marine Corps, he applied on a site called, I am quite sure that was the name. Mark received a reply something to the fact that "we do not hire baby killers to work for us." Perhaps, it was a corporation that he submitted a resume from the website. I was furious. It is just like when Mark was stationed at 29 Palms or 29 sticks, as my cousin, Johnny, who served in the Navy called it, went on a deployment to Palm Springs, CA with some other Marines. As they waled the streets of this snobbish town, they were called names such as baby killers, and singled out as young people who may do some sort of crime, while denziens with earrings in their lips and whatever walked the streets without being approached. Now, this happened prior to 911, and after 911 people banned together in pseudo patri0tism, much like the people in "1984" (should be underlined) who have their so many minutes of hate speech everyday to pump them up for the big bad boogy man that must be eliminated. Soon this patriotism disappeared when people started waking to the truth of what happened on 911. Now, when I was an alternate delegate in 2004 to the Republican Convention held in NYC, I was, I suppose, a dyed in the wool zionist, as I could not understand the anger of those that resided in NYC who were so angry about the war. I actually argued or debated with some of them, and told them that they do not need to be angry with us in Georgia because we wanted to help them build a memorial for the sacrifice of those that died and we had sympathy for them. Now today or actually about three years ago, I realized that yes the New Yorkers were right.

Yes, I get off track with my writing, but it is my blog, and I will write how I wish. LOL

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