Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New York City Beverage Container of Choice

President Obama is asking the Easter Bunny what type of beverage container should be available in New York City.  There seems to be some controversy in New York with Mayor Bloomberg wanting to control the size of beverages sold.  Now, the whole thing is actually a gimmick to charge folks a $200 fine if they sell a beverage too big.  A judge in New York struck down the law.  Now, the bunny will defer to Granny this question because basically Granny does not put up with anything, at all.

Granny says that she could care less how obese people get with their sweet beverages, and she will run for Mayor of New York if people leave her the hell alone, and live their own lives.   So, there you have it the news for this day history March 12, 2013.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Senator Rand Paul's filibuster against CIA Director John Brennan

Well, it is after midnight, and this filibuster has been going on over 12 hours now.  I was going to make a comment on the above link, but I would have to pay to make a comment, bullshit.  I have paid enough money to this government crap.  I am fed up.  No one is getting one more penny from me!  Now, this is an example of the stupidity of our government in DC.  Some of the Senators ate out with President Obama for dinner last night, well they all need to pay for their own meals out of their own private money!

I ate chili twice today that I cooked yesterday.  So, now click on the link if you want to get the scoop on what is going on.  I have my own blog, so I will not have to "pay to play."  I am still a bull-headed conservative, and most politicians still get on my nerves, so I have not changed one bit.

These politicians are not getting a darn thing done in DC!  I remember watching the late Senator Byrd filibuster stuff in DC, and I enjoyed him, and no one paid attention to him either.

Why can't we just fire all of these assholes, reestablish the United States Constitution and start over?  I am fed up, and I know a good many people feel like I do.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Stimulus Package

A post about the Stimulus Package!  From the only conservative who lives in Macon, Georgia...or published by the only conservative who lives in Macon, Georgia...pretty darn depressing for sure.

I want my life back and I want my freaking money back too!

Now if you click on this not sure what will happen..This is a Meatloaf song "Life is a Lemon."  You can copy and paste it in the browser and should watch the video.  You darn right, I want my money back!  I am an eye for an eye...tooth for a tooth Christian!  I will not turn the other cheek and allow people to screw me!!!!  Linda Jo Alexander Poole

Liberalism is a disease!

You can bet your sweet ass that I am not a liberal.  Hell would freeze over before I voted for some idiot like Obama to be President of the United States!  Why do you think people have lied about my identity?  Hopefully, I will get a constitutional lawyer to represent me in due time to sue the pants off these people in Georgia!  They have messed with the wrong woman, and that woman is me!  As long as I have a computer with Internet connection and can afford to purchase stamps, I will continue to tell my story.  I do not change, period! 

People can take their change and shove it up their asses!  I think that the Confederacy should rise again, and that we should separate from the North.  The United States of America is through when people can do what they have done here in Georgia and get by with it.  I suppose Georgia could join the North, as the Confederacy does not need them, at all.  I suppose Texas and Lord knows what other states can be the hope for patriots like myself.  I just need to unload some real estate to be able to move out of this communist place!

The Pooles and Foley's probably 2002

This is a photo of me, Linda Jo Alexander Poole, with Lamar Poole (my husband at the time of the photo) our son, Matthew Lamar Poole, Krista Kohler Foley (my first daughter-in-law) and my son from my first marriage, Mark Alan Foley.

This photo was taken at a condo Lamar and I rented at a beach close to Camp Lejeune, I believe.  Mark was stationed at Camp Lejeune while in the Marine Corps for awhile.

I really cannot remember where this was, mayble Myrtle Beach.

Posted and published by Linda Jo Alexander Poole aka beebee.

Is it not a crime that people destroy a family that includes a young man like Mark who willingly joined the Marines in 1998 and who grew up here in Macon, Georgia since he was 2 1/2 years old!

This is me in Atlanta, Georgia in the summer of 2007 at a Rock Fest for Ron Paul for President

The above photo was taken with my camera by someone, can't remember who took the photo.  I went to Atlanta, Georgia with Valerie Myers who was also in the Ron Paul Group in Macon, Georiga.  I was the person who starteed the, and I paid the very first dues in my Macon, Georgia group for this online group.  So, this is very much personal and political what has been done to me.  I am an evangelical christian who supported Dr. Ron Paul for President!  The photo is of me...Linda Jo Alexander Poole aka Linda Jo Poole the Certified Public Accountant...mother of two sons...Mark Alan Foley and Matthew Lamar Poole, ages 34 and 17, respectively.  Ron Paul is a Republican, as I am, however, I am not a neoconservative nor am I a zionist!  The person who posts is me, Linda Poole, and my nickname, BEEBEE, was a nickname that my now ex-husband, Lamar Poole, began calling me when we met in the fall of 1993.  I have not been safe in Macon, Georgia because people lied.  I supported Dr. Ron Paul for President because he is the about the only honest political person I have ever listened to...and he is pro-life, a constitutionalist.  This photo tells the strory, people lied in the Republican Party because I did not support their choices for President!!!!