Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I saw this photo on a Facebook link and copied it to my pictures. The site wanted people to write a caption for the photo....I typed in "I need my rose-colored glasses reality sucks!" Now, it could be Obama giving Peter Cottontail or Peter's wife an eye exam and asking is this better or was the other lenses better. There could be an eye chart that the rabbit is looking at, and I did not have that information. This could be part of the Obama Health Care Plan: Get you children bunnies for Easter and we will make sure they all have eyeglasses to wear to look for the carrots in thier cages and all. Not sure about that either, but it is plausible. I have people all of the time ask me if they can claim their dogs and cats as dependents on the tax return, well not all of the time but enough that I know that not everyone is up on the tax code. Just a little comedy now that tax season is winding down.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The New World Order Macon, Georgia Water Authority

Well, I finally got stung by the MWA in Macon, Georgia. I have been debating with the crooks for over four years now about why I don't need a backflow device at my CPA office. I do not have sewer hoopup at my building that I co-own with a partner, and I use very little water. My water bill was $7.50 last month! I do not cook cheesburgers, eggs, bacon, steaks, french fries for people who come to my CPA office to get their income tax returns done. And for the life of me, I cannot see how cleaning out my toilets with a little pine sol or bleach that is dilluted with water when I flush the commode can get into my water supply and cause a health hazard. Afterall, like I wrote the building has a septic tank. I have been here on Hartley Bridge Road, since 1996, and all that is involved is a bunch of bureacrats wanting to flex their authority over on a local business owner. Well, it is my hopes that residents in Macon, Georgia get their heads out of their asses because it is only a matter of time before they get a card in their mailbox that they too have to add a back flow device to their water meter. The rules are already that if a homeowner has a sprinkling system at their home, such a device is mandatory.

I would like to see the Macon Water Authority and all water authorities privatized. It is time to do away with the Environment Protection Agency, which then could provide for a domino effect to get rid of the Georgia EPA and all State EPAs. That is why I am still a Republican Ron Paul supporter for President. And I have already voted for him in Advance Voting!

This is sickening, I heard Elaine Carr say that only 600 or so people have already voted in Advance Voting at the Board of Elections on Pio Nono Avenue. What in the hell is going on in Bibb County Georgia???? Where is the outrage over an out-of-control bankrupt federal government? What are people going to sit back and wait for the communist bastards to come throw them out of their homes before their Prozac addicted asses wake up from their slumber.

Oh, the way the assholes won at the MWA is that a guy named Mattheu Joiner with the title of Backflow Prevention Device whatever in the hell at the MWA had an employee come to my CPA office and shut my water off! Then I had no choice but to hire a "Certified Plumber" come and rip my ass off by installing a box and cut off device at the tune of $525.00. Oh, Ricky Heath told me that he had no choice, but to become a "Certified Backflow Device Installer" because he services so many restaurants. And I told him well I am a Certified Public Accountant with a Masters in Business Administration and it takes me a good while to earn $525.00! I hate Macon, Georgia! And I want so desperately to sell my building and get the hell out of here! If anyone knows any suckers that want to invest in a 1600 sq ft building that is 1/2 mile from I 75, please tell them to stop by and see pissed off granny CPA Linda!

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