Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good News today from GEICO Adjustor

I had a mishap with the old Cadillac that I drive, and wrote about it a while back. The power window controls had gone out of the car on the way to Indiana, and I could not get my window back up. It was colder than the dickens, and I was in Nashville about six hours away from my destination. I stopped at a Walmart and bought some plastic, tape and scissors and covered the hole in the side of the door with plastic. I had to wrap tape around the frame of the door many times to hold the plastic in place. It was very hard to drive because you do use the driver's side glass often, of course. I thought about backing down I-75 North, but thought that would not be too cool (just kidding).

I could not see well, at all, so I hit a colvert at my Aunt's house, and tore the whole underneath of the car up. GEICO has been real good to me even though I lost eighteen days of my life waiting for the car to be repaired. I just got a call from my aduster today, and there is some kind of new law in Georgia where an insured motorist gets a payment for diminished value of an automobile after an accident, so I am almost going to get enough to cover the cost of my motel room in Indiana. So, that is the good news for this day, and now I pray that I can avoid hitting more road hazards. The power windows are new now, so everything is good to go. My advice is that you always get out of the car to assess all things in your way if you have plastic on a window in your car. I thought I knew my Aunt's driveway because she has lived in the same house, since I was born, but I did not know it well enough.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Yes, I saw Hell freeze over!

I had my 99 Cadillac in issue haven over the coldest days ever in Madison, Indiana. I had traveled to Madison to visit my Grandmother, Helen B. Alexander, age 94, who fell and broke her hip. I left Macon, Georgia on the 26th of December, 2009, and was able to spend a few nights with an Uncle and an Aunt. I stayed a few nights with another Aunt, and then I checked into the Best Way Inn in Madison, Indiana aka The Hotel California, "where you check in and wonder when you will check out." I must say that Chandler's Chevrolet on Clifty Drive in Madison, Indiana did a fine job on my old Cadillac. On the morning of January 13, 2010, I was finally able to settle out the bill on the labor and parts for a new A frame or Cradle. I wanted to take a test drive, of course, because I had to travel back South to Macon, Georgia and the Monteagle is quite a mountainous area to travel through. I have traveled the road numerous times back and forth between Indiana/Kentucky and Macon, Georgia, since moving to Macon in 1981 with the Brown and Williamson folks.

I drove my car with Doug Van Horn sitting in the passenger seat. I told Doug to fasten his seat belt because I was going to do about 80 mph down the Hanging Rock Hill, lol. Doug said "you drive like I do." Of course, I did not drive the Hanging Rock Hill so fast, as there was still ice on the road. I drove down the hill made a left turn on Main Street, and then took the old Michigan Hill back up to the hill top and turned left on Clifty Drive. I must say the old Cadillac with 119k on it handled beautifully. I left a little after 10:00 AM and returned to Macon about 11:30 PM. I tell you what it is a long trip to make alone, and by the time I hit the 59 mile mark between Atlanta and Macon, I did not know if I could stay awake. I had to pull over a couple of times to stretch.

While in Madison, Indiana, I faced the most outrageous treatment. One of my tax clients overnighted me a $150 Official Check, and the Main Source Bank in Madison, Indiana refused to cash the check. In addition, the Centra Credit Union in Madison, Indiana refused to cash the check. I was able to get my Uncle to cash a $100 personal check for me, but after 18 days away from home, a person burns through cash. Thankfully, my two sisters, Brenda and Carol came to my rescue by wiring me a cash gift that I was able to pick up at the Walmart on Clifty Drive in Madison, Indiana.

I emailed the Senate Banking Committee about this horrid treatment that I received. I certainly hope that the Committee takes up such an issue. It is not acceptable at all that a bank will not accept an Official Bank Check, which is basically the same as a Cashier's check. These derelict women at the bank told me that they would have not have cashed a Cashier's check either!

I told the Banking Committee in my email that if loans can be handed out to people who cannot afford to pay rent, much less mortgages after 911, then why can a US Citizen not be able to cash an Official Bank Check, when stranded out of town?

I am outraged to say the least.

Linda J. Poole

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Madison Indiana

Well, I am here in cold, cold, cold Madison, Indiana with a broke down 99 Cadillac at Chandlers' Chevrolet. I hit the culvert at my Aunt Eva Clark's house in Chelsea and did some major strut damage to the under carriage of the car. Thankfully, the collision on my GEICO policy covers my little rental car, while I await the adjuster to look at my car tomorrow. I have $500 deductible, but that is a God send to have insurance coverage.

I drove up here to visit my Grandmother, Helen Alexander, who is 94 years old. My
grandmother who I call Mom-ma fell and broke her hip and had surgery at Kings Daughter's Hospital after Christmas. I spoke with Dr. Jackson at the hospital, and I remember him as a child. Soon, Mom-ma was moved to Thornton Terrace Nursing Home in Hanover, Indiana. This morning, I visited the nursing home, and Mom-ma was asleep with the food tray over the bed. I fed her some sausage and scrambled eggs, and she wanted some oatmeal. I mashed up some banana in her cold oatmeal, and added some milk and put it in the microwave in Mom-ma's room. Mom-ma ate quite a bit of the oatmeal, and now she is sleeping. I drove back to my room on Clifty Drive to take a nap, but then decided to have a cup of copy in the lobby. I have a small refrigerator in my room, with some groceries from Kroger, and I added some Gingerbread cream to my mug purchased in Gatlinburg in 2008, that says "Coffee Helping People Multi-Task since 1475." I have another mug that I purchased that says "You can either agree with me or be wrong." I know that is not pleasant for some to here, but you know I never worry about what other people think for the most part. You see I am not politically correct, at all. To me, PC is a computer! LOL

I may ride back to Thornton Terrace in a little while, as they are to have church at 1:00 today. I have met Nettie Grigsby, and a former Marine named Max Poling. Max had some problem with a back hoe that caused him quite a bit of pain on his right arm, and he has several pins in his arm. A lady passed away at the nursing home yesterday, and sadly I happened upon the funderal director signing the paper work in the hall. There is a lady in very bad shape in Mom-ma's room who is terminally ill with brain cancer that was in stage 4 and diagnosed just three months ago. The lady's name is Judy, and she is in her mid sixties. The family is distraught, and I do not know why Ms. Judy was moved into Mom-ma's room, since she is not expected to live. There are empty rooms that are available, I would think and the large family gathering in her room would like the privacy I am quite sure. Everytime, I enter room 105 to visit Mom-ma, I have to pass through the family of Ms. Judy's.

I am sort of aggravated with the care Mom-ma is being given, and I am afraid that my family is just waiting on Mom-ma to die. I ran into my Dad, Donald Owen Alexander on New Year's Eve, and he was very rude to me. My father is born of the devil himself, but that does not mean that Mom-ma is the devil. I do not know where my Dad got his evil way's from, at all. My aunts, Eva Clark and Wilma Conover act like a bunch of morons on the telephone, and I feel that my cousin Donna Jean is manipulating them. For some reason, Donna Jean is never around when I vist, so I smell a grand conspiriacy.

Oh well, my family is pretty dysfunctional for sure, and as a matter of fact, they pretty much broke the molds when most of them came into this world.

I am so fed up with people in Madison, Indiana, as I have been here about four times in the last couple of years, and they are so rude to this ole Hoosier gal, I was born Linda Jo Alexander on December 29, 1954 at the Kingsdaughter's Hospital. I was flat broke from my calamity of a car breakdown, and no money. I went to the Main Source Bank in Madison, and explained my situation yesterday to Karen Pritchard, and she said that they could not cash a check. I then when to Kroger on Clifty Drive and natta, the lady would not cash a check drawn on Park FCU, even though I had a Kroger card. If it were not for my Uncle Charles Alexander living here in Madison, I do not know what I would have done. I cashed a check for $100 from him, and was so thankful. In addition, I was shown some fine hospitlity from Uncle Charles and wife, Brenda, as I spent two nights with them this week.

I told some people that they may as well take "In God We Trust" of their Indiana tags because I have not met one Christian yet in Madison or Hanover nor God fearing person! I tell you these people are downright scoundrels! I am ashamed to call Madison, Indiana my home. I mean, I wrote all this nice stuff of being so proud of my hometown, and people have treated me like I landed here from Mars or something!

Oh well, have a nice day, nice month, nice year and don't take any wooden nickles!