Friday, January 15, 2010

Yes, I saw Hell freeze over!

I had my 99 Cadillac in issue haven over the coldest days ever in Madison, Indiana. I had traveled to Madison to visit my Grandmother, Helen B. Alexander, age 94, who fell and broke her hip. I left Macon, Georgia on the 26th of December, 2009, and was able to spend a few nights with an Uncle and an Aunt. I stayed a few nights with another Aunt, and then I checked into the Best Way Inn in Madison, Indiana aka The Hotel California, "where you check in and wonder when you will check out." I must say that Chandler's Chevrolet on Clifty Drive in Madison, Indiana did a fine job on my old Cadillac. On the morning of January 13, 2010, I was finally able to settle out the bill on the labor and parts for a new A frame or Cradle. I wanted to take a test drive, of course, because I had to travel back South to Macon, Georgia and the Monteagle is quite a mountainous area to travel through. I have traveled the road numerous times back and forth between Indiana/Kentucky and Macon, Georgia, since moving to Macon in 1981 with the Brown and Williamson folks.

I drove my car with Doug Van Horn sitting in the passenger seat. I told Doug to fasten his seat belt because I was going to do about 80 mph down the Hanging Rock Hill, lol. Doug said "you drive like I do." Of course, I did not drive the Hanging Rock Hill so fast, as there was still ice on the road. I drove down the hill made a left turn on Main Street, and then took the old Michigan Hill back up to the hill top and turned left on Clifty Drive. I must say the old Cadillac with 119k on it handled beautifully. I left a little after 10:00 AM and returned to Macon about 11:30 PM. I tell you what it is a long trip to make alone, and by the time I hit the 59 mile mark between Atlanta and Macon, I did not know if I could stay awake. I had to pull over a couple of times to stretch.

While in Madison, Indiana, I faced the most outrageous treatment. One of my tax clients overnighted me a $150 Official Check, and the Main Source Bank in Madison, Indiana refused to cash the check. In addition, the Centra Credit Union in Madison, Indiana refused to cash the check. I was able to get my Uncle to cash a $100 personal check for me, but after 18 days away from home, a person burns through cash. Thankfully, my two sisters, Brenda and Carol came to my rescue by wiring me a cash gift that I was able to pick up at the Walmart on Clifty Drive in Madison, Indiana.

I emailed the Senate Banking Committee about this horrid treatment that I received. I certainly hope that the Committee takes up such an issue. It is not acceptable at all that a bank will not accept an Official Bank Check, which is basically the same as a Cashier's check. These derelict women at the bank told me that they would have not have cashed a Cashier's check either!

I told the Banking Committee in my email that if loans can be handed out to people who cannot afford to pay rent, much less mortgages after 911, then why can a US Citizen not be able to cash an Official Bank Check, when stranded out of town?

I am outraged to say the least.

Linda J. Poole

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