Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good News today from GEICO Adjustor

I had a mishap with the old Cadillac that I drive, and wrote about it a while back. The power window controls had gone out of the car on the way to Indiana, and I could not get my window back up. It was colder than the dickens, and I was in Nashville about six hours away from my destination. I stopped at a Walmart and bought some plastic, tape and scissors and covered the hole in the side of the door with plastic. I had to wrap tape around the frame of the door many times to hold the plastic in place. It was very hard to drive because you do use the driver's side glass often, of course. I thought about backing down I-75 North, but thought that would not be too cool (just kidding).

I could not see well, at all, so I hit a colvert at my Aunt's house, and tore the whole underneath of the car up. GEICO has been real good to me even though I lost eighteen days of my life waiting for the car to be repaired. I just got a call from my aduster today, and there is some kind of new law in Georgia where an insured motorist gets a payment for diminished value of an automobile after an accident, so I am almost going to get enough to cover the cost of my motel room in Indiana. So, that is the good news for this day, and now I pray that I can avoid hitting more road hazards. The power windows are new now, so everything is good to go. My advice is that you always get out of the car to assess all things in your way if you have plastic on a window in your car. I thought I knew my Aunt's driveway because she has lived in the same house, since I was born, but I did not know it well enough.

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