Friday, May 03, 2013

This is an article about the jobs added during the month of April 2013.  Read the details in the article carefully.  Do not be fooled by they hype of jobs being added.!  Look at average hourly rate employees who actually have jobs are working; look at how many jobs that were added were actually good paying jobs; look at how many people who have been unemployed long term.

Now what this all adds up to is that the jobs created are part-time jobs because many employers do not want to provide health care insurance for their employees.  Many employers will pay a penalty for not adhering to Obama Health Care rather than pay the higher cost of insuring their employees.

This is a sad state we are in within the United States.  Now, the United States Congress and the President, in my opinion, committed fraud when they reduced the employment tax rate for Social Security for almost two years just to mask the horrible economy.  When so many States are bankrupt with the Social Security Insurance Trust Funds (at least 32, I believe), then why do you think the Social Security Tax Rate was decreased for employees for so long from 6/2% to 4.2%, I believe these are the correct numbers, well it was done for one thing and one thing only to make sure President Obama was reelected, and the conservatives totally dropped the ball on it too because they cared more about being reelected, too, than having the American people wake up to the truth.

The photo above is copied and pasted from the article referenced above.  It is sort of like the "Got Milk" commercial, is it not?  "Got Job?"