Saturday, October 01, 2011

Communism in Macon, Georgia

Well, today is the first day of October 2011. I went to Ace Hardware a couple of times buying supplies needed to fix things at my office. I am so tired of people saying have a great day in this one-horse backwoods town. I said to a guy at the checkout, "Oh isn't it a great day in Macon, Georgia today...I got up today and thought wow this is great....another day in Macon, Georgia and thought I am sooooo darn glad I moved here thirty years ago." Bill the sales clerk who helps me many times when I go in the store told the customer, "don't pay any attention to her she bumped her head on something this morning!" LOL

Now, back to communism. People would not know what communism is in Macon, Georgia or any other City in the United States even if it jumped up and bit them in the ass! We were founded as a Republic in 1776, but the politically correct crowd eroded that principle of that our founding fathers struggled to write into a Constitution for so long a period of time. Our Republic soon became a Democracy. Give me a break! Mob rule is what a Democracy is!

People get po'd at me when I suggest that we have a litmus test to vote. I would prepare a test so darn hard that I would have to study to pass it to get a voter's registration card in Georgia. And that would definitely be a hard test! I suppose I make no less that ten people a day aggravated at me, whether it be on the road when I am driving or when I make one of my comments in a store or a bank or whatever. I give the liberals a case of heebie geebies every time I leave my house.

What really gets my goat is that I was President of Macon Junior College SGA in 1985 and 1986 and worked hard to make the college become a four year College, and now a bunch of liberal professors (even more than those which were there when I was a student) have taken over the school. Now, it is not advisable to assume that when I went to Macon Junior College (now Macon State College) that I was politically correct at the age of 32. Dean Cloaninger ask me to run for President of SGA to help them become a four year old college, and then I think all of the Professors who had tenure were ready to have him ran off when I began telling students that they need to demand that professors be evaluated every quarter. The liberal professors who had tenure were ticked off because students back then evaluated professors only in the fall quarter. I don't know what they are doing today at Macon State College. At least the professors can get a break because most college students today don't know how to write a coherent paragraph let alone write an evaluation of a professor.

I have looked up an eight grade exam today at the Library that was given in the 1920s
that I am going to pay for copies, and I found an article about grade inflation, since the Georgia Lottery was voted in back in 1993 that allows for underperforming students to go to college. Oh, I voted no on the lottery, so I am not a hypocrit!

I plan on giving my sixteen year old son, a copy of the exam!

Well, I have six minutes remaing on my computer time at the library. I could get more time, well it has already been extended two times now for five minutes each time. That is because there are empty seats in here. If there was a waiting list, I would have already been booted off.

Well, I am still a conservative, and the trouble is that I see no conservative change to come about in 2012. The media pushes who they desire to push as usual. Ron Paul is still my choice for President, and perhaps Perry of Texas as VP or vice versa. I like Perry because he is an evangelical christian not afraid to say that he is an evangelical christian and he would make a good balance for Paul who is a Christian, but does not stray from the libertarian philosophy where religion is not discussed.

Now, that ticket would piss off every liberal in the United States because the President and Vice President would both be from Texas. I say make them pissed off real good, and move the United States Capital to Dallas, Texas and out of Washington DC. Now, that is change that would get notice all around the globe!

I am still awaiting the RNC to call me for my input on what changes need to be made for the Republican Party to have success in 2012, but no emails and or phone calls!