Friday, February 12, 2010

Holding letter until I can find an email address for the assholes at AT&T

Dear CSR Representatives,

I am writing in regard to fraud that occurred in my CPA office on July 29, 2009. Malachi Rountree and Tyree Aaron came into my office with Cathy Krattli as a witness. Cathy is a President of Georgia Marine Moms, and I am Treasurer. The Federal Identification number for Georgia Marine Moms is 77-0664292. I prepare the tax returns for this non-profit organization. On this date of 7/29/2009, these two con-artists mentioned above ask for my business line folder. They proceeded to fill out several pink sheets, and told me a bs story that my bill was going to be cheaper than the $170.00 (tax included) that I had paid prior to all of the chaos that has gone on with my billing. Long distance charges were added to my bill, my DSL was increased from lite service to super speedy gonzalez service, and Tech 360 was added to my bill that I did not approve! Well, you know how con-artists work all of this crap was checked and then when I said why is this and that checked, the line was "oh well that is no additional charge." And then this cracker jack named Marty (official title TPV Rep) called me with these Jessee James characters standing in my office and assurred me that all was well at "high noon." Joke! Ok so, I get an agent code DC X3 an office code GAB, and oh my another code, Oh I hit the jackpot, an ATB code of 879EGA. All of this was on an official (cough cough cough) AT&T Service Agreement oh my oh my pink in color how impressive with an invoice number of 377957! Ok so, the bottom line is that I have talked to about 12 Representatives at the NEwwwwwwwwww AT&T since the 10th of February with your super deluxe service. I am surprised a bucket of paint does not come out of the receiver to be thrown in my face when I get such fiiiiiiinnnnnneeeee service! The bottom line is that I do not need Tech 360 Serive at all. I mean what in the hell is that anyway. I have had my own CPA practice, since 1994 with the same phone number of 478-788-5460, and I have probably made 360 plus complaint calls, so that blows the hell out of your 360 tech service. The way I see it is that you owe me about $3 to $4 thousand dollars for my inconvenience of dealing with the morons that you employ! In addition, be happy that I do not use anti-depressants and shrinks or you would owe me so much more. Now, please correct my bill. You think you can find someone at this hi-tech company to correct my bill. Pleazzzzzzz I am fed up. By the way, check out the "I'm as Mad as hell" video on, and you will get a smidgen of a hint of how aggravated I really am. Have a nice day!

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