Monday, March 01, 2010

Macon residents fired up at Macon City Hall over tax increases

Well, I went to my first public rally over tax revolts this year. I heard Chris Crock online this morning from my office, and I heard there was going to be a tax revolt at City Hall this evening at 6:00 pm. Well, about 5:10, I left my office and thought well I need some pictures of this event. I stopped at CVS, and found a good deal on two single use CVS brand cameras, a total of 54 photos for $7.99, not developed, of course. The sale was buy one get free, and the film is 800 speed, so the photos should be good. I got a couple of shots of the pin head, Erick Erickson, and some shots of some of the rest of City Council. I got a photo of Mayor Reichart, and several shots of the audience. Standing room only, it was unbelievable!

I sat next to a couple by the name of Diane Stefano and Sam Stefano, and before the event, I walked up the steps of City Hall with my Ten Commandments sign, and I ask all the impotent tates if this is where the liars club was going to meet. A couple of Macon's finest police officers gave me sneering looks. I wish their darn faces would freeze in that position, as that would be real cool. A lady by the name of Lucille was handing out white sheets of paper that merely had the word NO on it. Every seat in City Hall was taken and the place was standing room only.

I sat back with my yellow pad, after taking several shots of the crowd, getting shots of all of the camera people and the infamous Chris Crock of 940 Talk Radio. I told him that I was the real red bull of Macon, Georgia not him! LOL After the Mayor of Macon addressed the crowd, the Mayor of Cherry Street walked up to the microphone, and that would, of course, be Mark Thornton. The Mayor had said that the tax digest was being raised by a measely (my word) 13%, you know chunk change for all of us with rows and rows of money trees that grow densely in Macon, Georgia. I cannot harvest money fast enough, and the trees need no fertilizer whatsoever because there is so much bullshit flying around the air in Bibb County that fertilizer is not needed, at all. I tell you what we are the luckiest darn people in the world right here in the Heart of Middle Georgia. It is the only place in the world where you can afford to pay higher taxes because the residents never run out of money!

Now, on a more serious note, yes folks we are in a depression, not a recession! I did not have to speak at all because there were so many well-versed spokes people in the crowd, and I mean they were mad....mad as hell, I am here to tell you. One guy, who I did not catch his name said that he was out of work and he was going to become a political consultant, and boldly told the kings and queens in their raised council chairs that they would be replaced if they voted to raise taxes! Of course, every time someone said something that hit the ball out of the park, we all raised our "NO" signs!

Folks, this is not new at all in Macon, Georgia. I remember when the Mayor of Macon was Mayor Israel, and he spoke at a CPE meeting I attended at River North Country Club in 1993, and he talked about commercial property selling for $.25 on the dollar during that time period. Oh, gee, we have heard the same old song and dance now for nearly two decades that the City and the County need to merge. You know, I did not see the City Attorney sitting up on his throne tonight, but you know he may well have been there. You see, there was this attorney who I always saw when I needed a good laugh, when I did not want to stay up late to watch Saturday Night Live, you see I am sooooooooo darn old, I go to bed with the chickens....cough...cough...cough, and everytime there was a question that needed resolved by the Council members, they would turn to this legal expert to give them an answer. All I ever heard him say, I will have to look that up. Well, you know, if someone ask me a question, I can usually give an answer on the spot. I meed what kind of darn lawyer never knows anything....hmnnnn that was a dumb question right?

Well, I just wish that we could have forced the City Council to hold a vote in our prescence tonight. Cowards! I hope they vote No, or they will most certainly be looking for another job.

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