Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Macon City Council Meeting March 1, 2010

Crowd shot photos....the top photo is of Chris Crock (spelling ?). I took a photo of Chris' face but it did not turn out. No disrespect to the 940 Talk Radio DJ here in Macon, Georgia. I did call Chris a few times a while back, actually I called him when I was in Madison, Indiana in the early am from my Uncle Charles Alexander and wife Brenda's home. I told him I was a Ron Paul supporter, and he told me I was crazy. Well, you know all of these people last evening called themselves saints, and that is fine. I suppose they are saints for the Lord and for the truth. Glory be! We cannot blame taxes on this person or that person, the bottom line is that corrupt politicians are like a runaway train that left the track before the ink was dry on our Constitution. Posted by Linda

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