Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Erick Erickson City Council of the Round Table of Macon, Georgia

Not a real good photo of Erick Erickson. Erick seemed to be occupied with working on a laptop computer during the City Council Meeting on March 1, 2010. The City Council meeting in Macon, Georgia was standing room only. The meeting was very passionate, as all who spoke at the microphone were opposed to the 13% increase in the tax digest. Mayor Reichart led off the evening, which began at 6:00 pm at Macon City Hall. People were definitely not on the same page with the Mayor with his opinion that the digest was ok.

I suppose Erick will forgo his pay at the Council Meeting for last evening, since he was so busy blogging or whatever. What say you Erick? Are you willing to give up your pay for last evening? I spoke to Erick, whom I have had passionate disagreements with on his blog and on Redstate.org. I mean well Mr. Good Ole Boy Southern Hospitality even kicked me off his blog, and I got kicked of the RINO blog called Redstate.org. I wear that as a badge of honor!

Linda J. Poole, Macon, Georgia....the real red bull who knows the truth and is not in the least bit pc!!!!!!!!!!!!

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