Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well earlier today, I had a fiasco with my son Matthew, and my ex-husband, Marty Poole. I had fixed some strawberries, and thawed out some whipped topping and took them to my old house to have strawberry shortcake with Matthew and watch Wrestlemania with them. When I pulled up in the driveway, Matthew's friend Jordan Ray and another teenager was in the driveway with Matthew. Jordan looked at me with eyes wide open like he was seeing a ghost or something. I told Matthew what I had brought and he informed me that they were all going to Hooters to watch Wrestlemania. I went inside and told Marty that Matthew was not to go to Hooters. Marty was a jerk, as usual, and did not want to cooperate with me for us to watch Wrestlemania.

I came back to my office and attempted to purchase Wrestlemania online, but I thought well I will just go to Hooters and watch it there. Well, I called Hooters from my office and found out a little after seven that the event had already started. I was certain I had called the one in North Macon. I called Matthew, while on the road, with my cell phone and he told me that it was at the Centerville location. I knew that I had called the Macon one, so I drove to the Hooters in North Macon. I will post details later about the Wreslemania held in Phoenix Arizona at the University of Phoenix. Prominent details are that there 72,219 people in attendance, which is overwhelming. The satellite feed went out at Hooters about four times, and I am sure it was due to the rain we were having or perhaps the satellite was overloaded with people viewing on pay per view. Later....

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