Saturday, April 17, 2010

Steve Wilson of WMCC Blogspot and other assholes

Steve has conveniently taken his blog offline. I sent Steve a Christmas card at Christmas, and ask him if he was involved with the crap going on in my life, not verbatum. I also called Steve's home right after Christmas and spoke with his wife. I ask her to have Steve call me. Then I called Steve from my office here in Macon, Georgia and told him who I was. I ask Steve, do you know who I am? Steve said "I do now."

I had commented on Steve Wilson's blog in the past as Miss American Pie and BeeBee. Steve knows full well who I am because I called into 940 Talk Radio quite a bit. Steve surely knows that I filed a Contest against the SPLOST Election in 2005. Funny though because no media whatsoever showed up for the hearing before Judge Martha Christenson. I have been set up in Macon, Georgia by a bunch of liberal queers! Yes, the whole town is full of liberal faggots! I have not met one conservative in Macon, Georgia, except for the soldiers that I meet.

This town is so damn sorry that after we had Sgt Kelley Courtney and others lose their lives in 2004 during the Iraq War, by the way Kelley was a Marine with my son, Mark Foley and his brother Donny Courtney. Toys for Tots came to Macon, Georgia that year, and Marty, Matthew and I went and took three toys. The Macon Auditorium was at best 20% full! Yes, this town is a bunch of suck ass liberals, born with silver spoons in their mouths. I saw Steve Wilson and his other queer friends perform at the Macon Civic Club. That group of morons is what is wrong with this town! They are a bunch of has beens who have not grown up yet! Everyone of them think that their shit does not stink, and they look down on anyone who actually works for a living. Kenny Burgamy walked past me like he did not see me at one of the shows, as well. The whole town of Macon, Georgia is corrupt.

I told George Meadows at the Business Watch Meeting at the Texas Cattle Company on Houston Road that I was not safe and that people had been driving by my office for three tax season harassing me now. George Meadows a Bibb County Debuty said "now, now, Linda not here." Like I was a child! I tell you it is absolute disgusting fraud what this town has done to me and my family. They have literally destroyed my CPA business, by someone allowing liberals to listen to me at my office in 2008 during the 2007 tax season. Some damn Indian guy named Patel came into my CPA office and ask me if I wanted to sell my business for $150k. I said no, I would not take less than $600k. The asshole turned around and walked out, and then came back a couple of days later, and said: "This business is closed...this is an empty building." I said this business is not closed! I have furniture in here and this is a CPA business. The asshole just turned around and walked out. Am I mad, you bet your ass I am mad as hell!

In addition, after I went to a Republican meeting at the Country Buffet on Gray Highway in Macon, Georgia in early 2008, Charlie Bishop got angry with me for questioning him about the SPLOST Election. Charlie then called my office afterwards, when Scottie Shepard walked in my office, and said that he was real worried about me having a heart attack and worried about my health. Scottie Shepard who ran against Jerry Modina in 2004 said the same thing! This town is corrupt. They all knew exactly what they were doing, as all of them have conspired to destroy me and my families life. After Patel said my busniness was closed, I did not get one phone call at my CPA office during the rest of 2008 and most of 2009! I have lost 70% of my CPA practice, and no one gives a rat's ass. I have had my CPA practice here at this very office where I am now typing this blog entry, since 1996. At no time have I ever directed people what to do.

I have had people follow me from my home located at 1590 Engle Drive to my office, since November 2007. I have had people follow me to the bank, to the post office to the store and drive by my office non-stop! My office is located at 4145 Hartley Bridge Road and today some asshole drove by my office when I was putting out Eggplants and some Cucumbers that I grew from seeds (I have a garden at my office this year), and he hollered "you are f'ing nuts!" Well, I am tired of this shit, and every lawyer in Macon needs to be removed from the Bar. Judge Ennis needs to be removed from the bench, and all of the police need to be fired...Bibb County and Macon! Charlie Bishop, Scottie Shepard, Steve Wilson and everyone who has turned their back on my safety need to be stripped of all of their financial assets and put in prison for life! I am as serious as a heart attack. I charge each and everyone of them for attempted manslaughter. They have allowed rumors to spread, and have allowed people to believe that I have had a sex change and that I have no children, and what ever damn rumor they want to spread. I have a Taurus 38 Special handgun right now in my office, and I would love to use it on all of them! And I am not a violent person, but the crooks in Macon, Georgia have violated my Constitution Rights!

I have reason to believe that Steve Wilson lied and said that I left Macon, Georgia. I never left Macon! I have lived in this hell hole of a town, since
1981. I am a white divorce woman with two sons, one 31 and one 14. I do not like the fact that my son who is now 14 has been lied to about his mother. People actually believed that I left my son with a child molestor or something because of bullshit lies! My son is living with my ex-husband in the same house I moved out of in November 2007! I want people to stay the hell out of our lives, and now. I have had it with the fraud and the near cause of my having wrecks. I do not like being chased all over Macon, Georgia. That is why I left my television on in 2008, and took off many times. Just to get peace, I drove up to Wisconsion over to Nebraska, and all around. It was great getting out of this hell on Earth. I have been to San Antonio, Houston, Washing DC, Chantilly VA. I had 84k on my Cadillac when I got a divorce in March 2008, and I have 123k on it now! If I had the money, I would leave for Clearwater Beach next week. I hate Macon, Georgia and the morons who live here.

If someone wants to give me 600k for my building, I will be gone next week. Then you can run your f'ng assignments on someone else's time! Basically, you can kiss Linda J. Poole CPA's ass! Yeah that is me, Linda Poole the CPA that no one in this hell hole of a town likes! Well you know what I did not go to the Cherry Blossom Festival this year; I refuse to go to the Georgia State Fair this year! When I move from Macon, Georgia oneday, I will never step foot in Georgia again! And I will tell my sons that if they come to Georgia they will not be welcome in my home!

Basically, Macon Georgia you can kiss my ass! Yeah, if you were to see my home, you would see in my computer room a vinyl sign I ordered a while back. The sign has an hour glass on it and says "Macon, Georgia lost in time....Biggest Asshole Town in the World or USA...cannot remember at this time." But you get the picture. If I had the money, you can bet I would put it on billboards all over Georgia and throughout the United States! I will tell all of my family to never visit here! The Cherry Blossom Festival can go to hell, as far as I am concerned.

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