Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I saw this photo on a Facebook link and copied it to my pictures. The site wanted people to write a caption for the photo....I typed in "I need my rose-colored glasses reality sucks!" Now, it could be Obama giving Peter Cottontail or Peter's wife an eye exam and asking is this better or was the other lenses better. There could be an eye chart that the rabbit is looking at, and I did not have that information. This could be part of the Obama Health Care Plan: Get you children bunnies for Easter and we will make sure they all have eyeglasses to wear to look for the carrots in thier cages and all. Not sure about that either, but it is plausible. I have people all of the time ask me if they can claim their dogs and cats as dependents on the tax return, well not all of the time but enough that I know that not everyone is up on the tax code. Just a little comedy now that tax season is winding down.

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