Wednesday, March 06, 2013

This is me in Atlanta, Georgia in the summer of 2007 at a Rock Fest for Ron Paul for President

The above photo was taken with my camera by someone, can't remember who took the photo.  I went to Atlanta, Georgia with Valerie Myers who was also in the Ron Paul Group in Macon, Georiga.  I was the person who starteed the, and I paid the very first dues in my Macon, Georgia group for this online group.  So, this is very much personal and political what has been done to me.  I am an evangelical christian who supported Dr. Ron Paul for President!  The photo is of me...Linda Jo Alexander Poole aka Linda Jo Poole the Certified Public Accountant...mother of two sons...Mark Alan Foley and Matthew Lamar Poole, ages 34 and 17, respectively.  Ron Paul is a Republican, as I am, however, I am not a neoconservative nor am I a zionist!  The person who posts is me, Linda Poole, and my nickname, BEEBEE, was a nickname that my now ex-husband, Lamar Poole, began calling me when we met in the fall of 1993.  I have not been safe in Macon, Georgia because people lied.  I supported Dr. Ron Paul for President because he is the about the only honest political person I have ever listened to...and he is pro-life, a constitutionalist.  This photo tells the strory, people lied in the Republican Party because I did not support their choices for President!!!!

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