Thursday, March 07, 2013

Senator Rand Paul's filibuster against CIA Director John Brennan

Well, it is after midnight, and this filibuster has been going on over 12 hours now.  I was going to make a comment on the above link, but I would have to pay to make a comment, bullshit.  I have paid enough money to this government crap.  I am fed up.  No one is getting one more penny from me!  Now, this is an example of the stupidity of our government in DC.  Some of the Senators ate out with President Obama for dinner last night, well they all need to pay for their own meals out of their own private money!

I ate chili twice today that I cooked yesterday.  So, now click on the link if you want to get the scoop on what is going on.  I have my own blog, so I will not have to "pay to play."  I am still a bull-headed conservative, and most politicians still get on my nerves, so I have not changed one bit.

These politicians are not getting a darn thing done in DC!  I remember watching the late Senator Byrd filibuster stuff in DC, and I enjoyed him, and no one paid attention to him either.

Why can't we just fire all of these assholes, reestablish the United States Constitution and start over?  I am fed up, and I know a good many people feel like I do.

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