Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Liberalism is a disease!

You can bet your sweet ass that I am not a liberal.  Hell would freeze over before I voted for some idiot like Obama to be President of the United States!  Why do you think people have lied about my identity?  Hopefully, I will get a constitutional lawyer to represent me in due time to sue the pants off these people in Georgia!  They have messed with the wrong woman, and that woman is me!  As long as I have a computer with Internet connection and can afford to purchase stamps, I will continue to tell my story.  I do not change, period! 

People can take their change and shove it up their asses!  I think that the Confederacy should rise again, and that we should separate from the North.  The United States of America is through when people can do what they have done here in Georgia and get by with it.  I suppose Georgia could join the North, as the Confederacy does not need them, at all.  I suppose Texas and Lord knows what other states can be the hope for patriots like myself.  I just need to unload some real estate to be able to move out of this communist place!

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