Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The photo on the left is Madison JR. High School, on second street. This is where I attended junior high school many moons ago, and is still there. It was old and historic when I went there, so it is real historic now for sure. The photo below is Main Street in Madison, IN. About all that has changed is that the cars are newer. I like to go to the drug store and get a grilled ham salad sandwich, and sit at the counter. Actually, you can also choose to go to Hinkels and get a good ole cheeseburger and sit at the counter there too. It is so unique, and actually I never realized that I lived in such a neat little town, until I grew old enough to appreciate it.


Downtown historic Madison, Indiana awarded status of a National Historical Landmark in April 2006 by the acting Secretary of the Interior. This is wonderful news for this great little town.

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