Thursday, June 13, 2013  Well, I hope that Bon Jovi does not get ticked off for me using his song with lyrics to his song "Have A Nice Day!"  Click on the link for the hit song, and there are other choices where you may find the same song that shows Bon Jovi performing.

Now, this is a tribute to all of the asshole liberals in Macon, Georgia who have mocked me every single day that I go out in public with the bullshit line to me "HAVE A NICE DAY!"  Well, my remark to the liberals in Macon, Georgia is KISS MY ASS! 

Now, this is me, Linda Jo Alexander Poole, who the liberals lied about, and the neoconservative rinos lied about.  This photo was taken with my digital camera by another Ron Paul for President supporter in 2007 when we were painting signs to hang up around Middle Georgia at Brian Thomson's fathers engineering business here in Middle Georgia.  I cannot describe in words how disgusted I am, as to how so-called Christians treated me when they knew they never gave me a chance!  I am pissed off at the Dr. Ron Paul supporters for President, too, and I am actually pissed of at Dr. Ron Paul because he knows who I am and so does Rand Paul, his son.  I say to hell with all politicians!

This is written by me, and if anyone does not like what I say, I don't give a rat's ass!  People in Macon, Georgia, including my clients have destroyed Linda Jo Poole, PC Certified Public Accountant
 on 4145 Hartley Bridge Road, Macon, Georgia  31216 because evidently they are envious of anyone who actually has some intelligence and works hard for a living!

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