Thursday, June 13, 2013

Addition to prior post:  You see the game the liberals have played, since 2008 is that for instance I could not figure out why Rose Alexander at SunTrust Bank on Hartley Bridge Road would tell me at perhaps 9:30 am in the morning when I had my busienss account at that bank "Have A Nice Evening" after I was through with banking transaction in the drive through.

 Amy Miller, Branch Manager, at SunTrust Bank, walked out of the bank vault area and attempempted to hand me $9,600 plus in cash and told me that my account was closed down on March 29, 2010!  I was shocked, and I told her that I was not going to take cash for my account, and demanded an official bank check made payable to my business!  Amy took the cash and put it back in the vault area, and all of the time Rose Alexander had a camera phone pointed toward Amy, and I assume she was filming the money, not sure.  I had gone inside that day to make my bank transaction to deposit one or two checks from paying clients and to cash a check made payable to myself, Linda J. Poole.

Amy typed a check to me for $9,611.09, I believe that is the amount made payable to Linda J. Poole PC with no address on the check and no business name that included Certified Public Accountant, which is what I was!  I told Amy that I wanted my complete business name on the check that includes Certified Public Accountant, and Amy lied and said that my account does not say I am a Certified Public Accountant, and she refused to add 4145 Hartley Bridge Road, Macon, Georgia  31216 to the check!

I had already gone through a similar thing with Judy Johnson, Branch Manager, Security Bank on Hartley Bridge Road, where I had banked since they opened or close to when they opened.  I had told Judy that something was suspicious about my banking at Security Bank in early 2008, tax season was going on, and everytime I went to the bank there seemed to be several people going to the bank at the same time, and I felt I was being spied upon.  I even questioned Judy about an employee named Sandy who acted funny, and I actually  believed she was making copies of my bank deposits and passing them on through to other people coming through who were auditing me for no reason whatsoever!  Well, after telling Judy Johnson this whom I first met when I opened up my account in 1994 as a sole proprietor CPA at the bank she used to work for, which is BB&T on Pionono Avennue.  Well, I received a letter from Judy Johnson in the middle of March or thereabouts during tax season, the day after I talked to her, that was drawn on Security Bank Letterhead addressed to Linda J. Poole PC Certified Public Accountant 4145 Hartley Bridge Road Macon, Georgia  31216 that told me that my account had been closed down immediately, that I could make no more deposits or write more checks! 

Now, this is how criminals at banks work in Middle Georgia against an honest Certified Public Accountant!  I believe that Judy Johnson shoud be charged for a crime against me, and I believe Amy Miller should be charged, too!  But what can you do when the whole town is working together to cover up what they have done?  I never moved out of Macon, Georgia and I never shut my business down!  I have been lied about and I want these people in Macon, Georgia to pay for their crimes against me.  I have a whole long list to tell a Constitutional Judge if I am given the chance!

So, here I am a divorce mother with two sons, one aged 34 and one aged 17, and these liberals have the audacity to lie and say I live in a hotel!  I own this house I live in, and I have owned it since 1981!  And I co-own the building that my CPA office was in!  The building has been paid off for years!

Now, I am not sure who all are involved, but I will tell you that I am fifty-eight years old, and I do not like being thrown into a category with teen agers who do not know how to find the toilet paper in a cabinet when the roll is empty, and are too darn lazy to get off their ass and get a job!  I did not support Obama for President and nor did I support John McCain, and I did not support Mitt Romney!  Hell would freeze over before someone would tell me who I should vote for!

Now, there are several people in Middle Georgia that should be prosecuted on a Federal level for Federal election fraud, and I should be paid dearly for the crimes perpetrated against me.

I have lived at my current home, since November 12, 2007 when I first started the process of getting a divorce from my husband of nearly fourteen years, Lamar Poole.

I moved to this house located at:

1590 Engle Drive
Macon, Georgia  31211 

And the way that I moved was that I paid the Trading Post Moving Company to move my belongings from my former house located at:

3445 Harltey Bridge Road
Macon, Georgia  31216

I detest people in Macon, Georgia now, and I have lived here since 1981!  When people such as Pat Walters at Remax Realty tell me that as a Christian I should forgive, as she told me the other day when Lamar and I signed a new contract with her at his house on Hartley Bridge Road sitting at a booth that I picked out when I lived there, that I need to let Jesus have the vengenance, and blah blah basically I am just supposed to turn the other cheek on assholes who have tried to kill me, and who have destroyed my means of earning a living.  So, if the sale goes through on the building Pat gets $10,400 to split with Remax Realty, and Lamar Poole and I get the shaft!

My thoughts this early am in Macon, Georgia.  8:15 am EST  Well, I hope that Bon Jovi does not get ticked off for me using his song with lyrics to his song "Have A Nice Day!"  Click on the link for the hit song, and there are other choices where you may find the same song that shows Bon Jovi performing.

Now, this is a tribute to all of the asshole liberals in Macon, Georgia who have mocked me every single day that I go out in public with the bullshit line to me "HAVE A NICE DAY!"  Well, my remark to the liberals in Macon, Georgia is KISS MY ASS! 

Now, this is me, Linda Jo Alexander Poole, who the liberals lied about, and the neoconservative rinos lied about.  This photo was taken with my digital camera by another Ron Paul for President supporter in 2007 when we were painting signs to hang up around Middle Georgia at Brian Thomson's fathers engineering business here in Middle Georgia.  I cannot describe in words how disgusted I am, as to how so-called Christians treated me when they knew they never gave me a chance!  I am pissed off at the Dr. Ron Paul supporters for President, too, and I am actually pissed of at Dr. Ron Paul because he knows who I am and so does Rand Paul, his son.  I say to hell with all politicians!

This is written by me, and if anyone does not like what I say, I don't give a rat's ass!  People in Macon, Georgia, including my clients have destroyed Linda Jo Poole, PC Certified Public Accountant
 on 4145 Hartley Bridge Road, Macon, Georgia  31216 because evidently they are envious of anyone who actually has some intelligence and works hard for a living!