Monday, February 06, 2006


"We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately." Benjamin Franklin

I knew it was only a matter of time before David Corr and I would butt heads. David wants to run for Mayor of Macon, even though he does not have a "snowballs chance in hell of winning." I am smart enough to know that he thinks he will garner support from the denziens of society that think Macon would be a better place to live with nude so-called gentlemen's clubs in the City. David argues a Libertarian stance, and at the same time tramples on the rights of what he calls fascist mob rule that we happen to call society. So, I say that Benjamin Franklin is correct with his quote that insists that we definitely do not want to hang separately.

Society rules absolutely have a right to exist in our United States, and if society does not wish to coexist with sleezy nude clubs that exploit young women into a life style that leads to drug use, prostitution, alcoholism and a very dysfunctional life, then the members can fight against that which debases its moral foundation. David Corr criticizes collective fascism, while at the very same time thinks that individual fascism is just all right. I give a thumbs down to David Corr's so-called fight for freedom.


KAT said...

I wonder what his campaign slogans would be (Corr)
"A Stripper in every Pot"
"Every Chick on Pot"
"Don't run out of 'horse' in the middle of the stream"
"420 or fight" (420=cannabis; I've been in chat rooms with the slacker generation)

What will Corr see as an ideal Macon:

Daquiri Queen restaurants on major street corners where high schoolers hang out..

The Peyton Anderson clinic's drugstore dispensing "ounces" of heroin.

Seriously I think David Corr discredits the Libertarian Party. I wonder if all in the party agree with the legalization of drugs and smut?

BTW Our newspaper's S. Heather Duncan is at it again, this time with the Eisenhower Parkway Extension. She focuses on houses being destroyed and wetlands demolished, along with tribal lands. What of those getting killed on the 75/16 split? Oh they drive those evil cars and make money robbing the poor. Bleep them.

I've got to get moving on the Letter to the Editor on this when I get through with sending this long winded job application.

Later days

BEEBEE said...

Hey Kat,

I am glad that you agree with me on the nude clubs. I was beginning to think everyone had gone plum crazy in Macon! No one challenges David in the newspaper, but me so far. I enjoyed your funny suggestions for Macon with the Libertarian agenda. Ha!