Monday, April 17, 2006


This is a good blog to get some understanding of the big picture of what this Islamic War is all about. We are attempting to keep the Muslims from uniting in a caliphate form of unity. I have made this a current post from November, which is why much of it is prior news. Throughout history the Muslims have been divided by capitalism, communism, socialism and you name it. The reason that Jordan is a target (like the suicide bombings of November 9th) is that Jordan is so westernized. But it is very much Islamic, with 92% of the population being Sunni Muslims. The Muslims do not want to be under a secular national control, but their goal is to live by the Koran (I am not an expert on this by no means, but these bombings and the fact that lawyers keep getting killed and preventing a trial against Sadam have led me to research the bigger picture). The Al Qeada goal that has Osama as the main leader is to unite all Islamic nations, and this would mean the fall of Europe.

All of the fires in France, the bombings in Jordan and Sadam's lawyers getting killed are not a coincidence. And another thing that most do not know is that the revisionist trial is going on in Germany right now against Ernst Zundel. In Germany, it is a hate crime to question the Holocaust and Ernst Zundel has spent a lifetime studying the Holocaust. Ironically, his mentor is from France. Mr. Zundel resided in Tennessee with his wife Ingrid and was deported to a Canadian prison for his revisionist work. Then he was taken to a prison in Germany because Canada does not have the same restrictions against free speech as does Germany. Nearly 58% of Europeans believe that Israel is the number one threat to world peace., which contrasts with the United States where less than 10% of people believe that Israel is a threat to world peace. Because of political interventions with different sects of Muslims, outside forces such as Europe, Israel and the United States have kept the Muslims fighting amongst themselves, to keep them from being a united threat agaiinst Christianity and Judaism. France and the rest of the world are trying to down play this nonstop violence for the past two weeks, but there is little chance that all of these happenings are a coincidence.

We are in the middle of a World War, and we have Senators questioning oil executives about oil prices. It is absolutely mind boggling that our media is so inept about covering this war, and I truly believe that their derelict attitudes border on treason. Power for one of two parties should not matter when our lives are hanging in the balance.

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