Saturday, April 01, 2006


Dream team hired to represent Brian Nichols in upcoming trial for four murders that he is convicted of in Atlanta, Georgia. Jesse and Al are not real happy because it appears that the gloves fit Mr. Opportunity of New Orleans, but detectives informed them that the murder suspect was not wearing gloves in the surveilance videos. It was a real blow because OJ charged so much for consulting fees, and he pulled a slick one on the Dream Team because he found someone that could help solve the case of who killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. You know this was one of my bad dreams, but this may be closer to reality than one may think. Kind of scarry, don't you agree? To get more information on Mr. Opportunity, do a google search above: He is the media attraction of Katrina fame that rescued Heinekin Beer in the aftermath of the horrific hurricane.

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