Sunday, December 10, 2006


Politically Correct Bloodlust Report; Posted on: 2006-12-08 14:18:00 "There’s something obscenely wrong with this picture" By Harmony Grant (pictured) Right now, as you read this, two men in prison jumpsuits are locked between cement walls because they question the accepted history about the killing of Jews in World War 2. Meanwhile, two other men are behind fancy desks earning thick paychecks because they advocate killing other people—disabled babies and Arabs, respectively. This sounds like a scary fable. Except it’s true. Ernst Zundel and David Irving are dissident historians who challenge the view that the Nazis intentionally murdered a full 6 million Jews in gas chambers during World War 2. Their writings and speeches violate Orwellian “anti-hate laws” that criminalize politically incorrect speech. Australia, Canada and most European countries have national hate laws. Zundel was arrested under German laws, and Irving under Austrian. You may intensely disagree with Holocaust reductionism. But ask yourself whether you really want the government jailing people for words and thoughts. Do you really want the government to decide what you are allowed to think, read, and believe? I don’t.If I did want the government meddling with the content of our minds, I’d a lot sooner let them lock up Peter Singer. This Jewish philosopher is an apologist for sex with animals, sex with groups, and sex with dead people— and, oh yeah, the murder of handicapped infants. He thinks it would be fine to kill newborn infants if sick older siblings need their body parts, or produce tons of kids for the sole purpose of harvesting their organs. It seems the only beings who actually enjoy Singer’s compassion are monkeys. He advises if you have to pick between the life of an adult chimp or a human infant, you’re morally bound to pick the chimp; he wants the UN to award personhood to great apes. In a sane world, Singer’s audience wouldn’t extend beyond a few strung-out potheads with nothing better to do. But thanks to leftist loons in media and academia, Singer is actually a professor of bioethics at no less a place than Princeton! New Yorker magazine called him “the most influential” philosopher alive. The New York Times cooed breathlessly that "no other living philosopher has had this kind of influence." (“Blue State Philosopher,” World magazine, Marvin Olasky, 2006) Singer’s Jewish heritage is shared by another man now feted in elite society. And like Singer, this fellow can and does name quite a few folks he thinks should be killed. He’s the new Israeli deputy prime minister and minister of strategic affairs, Avigdor Lieberman, an infamously racist politician. Lieberman has publicly advocated that 90 percent of Israeli Arabs should be thrown out of the country. Exile is too good for Arab members of Israeli government who sympathize with Palestinians by observing their “Day of Catastrophe.” Lieberman thinks these men should just be shot. Like Singer, Lieberman (whose last name means “lovable man”) should be seated in a softly lit room somewhere, and occasionally given little green pills. Instead, he’s in Washington to talk shop with senior US officials, and enjoys the support of Abe Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League, who apparently isn’t worried at all about the defamation (no, make that the murder) of non-Jews. So, to sum things up, the two White Holocaust reductionists— Irving and Zundel —can’t even call for reconsideration of highly politicized, sixty-year-old history. Meanwhile the two Jewish would-be exterminators get promotions for calling for the deaths of people who are alive right now. Have the victims become the victimizers or what? Zundel and Irving are the greatest thought criminals of this century, staring at prison toilets and hoping to be let out for exercise, while Singer and Lieberman are eating caviar at parties. Singer molds the future’s leaders at a top-flight school, and Lieberman actually sets Israeli policy toward the Arabs whose guts he hates. There’s something obscenely wrong with this picture. With Democrats in control of the House and Senate, passage of a US federal hate law becomes very likely. This law would punish “hurtful speech” against federally protected groups. It would give the federal government power to enslave our minds by completely controlling the flow of information and silencing everyone who departs from the party line. Zundel and Irving are in jail for thinking outside the bounds of political correctness, bounds that are increasingly enforced by ADL’s thought police through hate laws. Lieberman and Singer are honored because they serve the interests of the liberal Jewish activism that inspires hate laws, dominates mainstream media and largely steers US foreign policy in the Middle East. The fate of these four men spotlights how little freedom of thought we even have left to lose. But there is still some left. The United States remains one of the last industrialized nations without a federal hate law. US freedom of speech grows even more precious as it grows increasingly rare on this planet. If we do not protect our right to dissent from the Zionist-controlled establishment that protects Singer’s far leftism and Lieberman’s racism, we’ll lose that right fast. When free speech is gone, politically incorrect Americans (especially Christians) will either shut up or share a prison wall. Singer will still be eating caviar. Source

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