Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Business Watch Meeting Texas Cattle Company Macon, GA

Well, I attended the local Business Watch Meeting today at the Texas Cattle Company on Houston Road. I went hoping to see some corrupt realtors and bankers tarred and feathered, but I was greatly disappointed. The real thieves in Bibb County do not matter, as the only real hard core criminals are the people who get out and drink on the weekend and then get pulled over by the big bad police officers. One policeman bragged about giving out 45 DUIs over the weekend, "yeah it was a real good weekend." Not verbatum, but you get the picture. George Meadows handed out some tee shirts and some key chains. I don't know how the police force can afford to give out stuff, but hey I took one of each.

I informed George, et all that Congressman Jim Marshall is holding a Town Hall tomorrow evening at Macon City Hall from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. George wanted to know what the topic is, and I did not know so I did not add my two cents worth. I hope that people will go raise hell about why we don't need a new SPLOST in Bibb County, but I won't hold my breath. The same old people were at the Business Watch Meeting or mostly the same people, as I have not attended for a couple of years, when they used to be held at the Mexican Restaurant by Shannon's Cafe. Mr. Patel was not there, but I saw Oney Hudson, a guy from the Rainbow Corporation, Judy from Security Bank and a few other people that I do not know, but I did take some minutes on the back of my Harvey's paper.

By the way, Harvey's has opened in Northeast Macon on Shurling Drive, as they bought out Food Lion. Harvey's opened last Wednesday, and I waited until Thursday to go. I got a good price on a Turkey, $.89 per pound with a Harvey's card. I bought four cans of cranberry sauce for $1.00 per can, and then saw it at Wal-Mart yesterday for $.88 per can. That is 12% less, and that is what you folks need to look for. When you can save 12% that is real savings. Remember the old adage, "a penny saved is a penny earned." Well that is all from Granny. LOL No, I am not an old granny. I look pretty young at 54, actually, if I should say so. If you get a chance go to City Hall tomorrow evening, and let Congressman Marshall know how you feel about health care (only if you believe the government has no business in health care, otherwise don't open your mouth about health care...just kidding...I know free speech right yada yada yada), and voice your opposition to another SPLOST!

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