Monday, November 09, 2009

Why we will always be in a war

I talked with a guy yesterday who was in the Navy or retired from the Navy, and he was standing with another guy. I was handing out literature about the H1N1 Flu Shot, well only one of a four page report that I printed from the Campaign for Liberty site. This guy said that he was glad that he was no longer fifteen, and glad that his time was almost up or something along that line. I told him that we have to be concerned about our children and grandchildren, and the future of our Country.

This kind of apathy has gone on throughout history, and civilizations before us have perished for this very reason. All of us spend our time idling away the days, which is what we should do. We should be able to enjoy our life on Earth. Unfortunately, those that always see profits in exploiting others are never idle with their time. These war profiteers, drug profiteers, oil profiteers and human labor profiteers are always scheming up ways to enrich themselves.

This man I was talking to represents the general population that stands powerless against the evil people who control 95% of the wealth in the world by taxing the entire populations to the point of extinction. It is just like the minister in church yesterday, as he preached to the congregation, who is preaching for the day when everyone will meet Jesus. This hope is implanted in the interpretation of the scriptures that says that Jesus will return again, and then you will meet him whne you die and go to heaven.

I believe that Jesus has already returned the second time, as he was to be born of a virgin birth, and then he rose again after three days when placed in the tomb after being taken from the cross. The theology that holds Christians captive to more and more wars to cause the return of Jesus to wage war on the anti-christs allows the anti-christs to continue to destroy civilization after civilization. I have several posts that show Jesus with tears in his eyes looking down on the world and have other people's writings about the signs of the times. The signs of the times is perpetual because people do not realize that they themselves hold the keys to happiness. If people would awaken from this dark sleep that they are in, they would see that collectively we could all defeat the evil ones and have a world that is what it was meant to be, which is one that is peaceful.

I truly wish that I would have never written a blog because it has me in a trap that I never wished to be in. There can be no real peace for all because too many people are asleep.

God bless

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