Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A photo of mine from the 1972 Fairdale High School Fairdale KY Linda Jo Alexander

A friend of mine from the class of 1972 at Fairdale High School set up my Facebook account for me recently. I graduated in 1973, and Kenny Reid graduated in 1972. We were not angels, but we went to school. Well sometimes if the parties lasted all weekend, we missed Mondays! Ha! But I wrote my own excuses for being absent, and I did make up my homework. These kids today cannot even take notes using a pencil or pen and paper. If the information can't be stored on a cell phone, then they are lost! My name was Linda Jo Alexander.

I suppose that is what the people in Macon,Georgia can't stand is the fact that the Class of Seventy Three that really rocked was at Fairdale High School in Fairdale, Kentucky.

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