Sunday, October 18, 2009

Germans and their treatment by the PTBs

I am very delighted that Pat Buchanan wrote this book. I have not read because I already knew the truth from my research. I had watched Jorg Friedrich discuss his book on CSPAN several years ago entitled "The Fire" (book should be underlined, but I do not know where underline feature is, so live with the error). Mr. Friedrich was, of course, belittled and shamed by his account of his own home Country and the lies that were told thoughout the years about the truth of what really happened in Germany. You see, I too, had bought into the lies about Germans, as all of my family did. Then, I found the Storm (Sturm in Germany) side of my family on my paternal great-grandfather's side of the family, Edwin Land, and I realized that I was of German descent.

The Germans have the highest IQs of any European Country, which I just read is an average of 107. This IQ is after genetic cleansing of the population through an unneccessary war. I am quite certain that before Churchhill fraudulently conspired with Roosevelt to bomb Germany, that the average IQ was probably 125. This is the way to of the PTBs (Powers That Be), as you destroy the most intelligent people or attempt to destroy the most intelligent people in the world, and then you can take over the other unintelligent people who inhabit the world. The wars were done by design. I know that my ancestors were highly intelligent people, and most people do not realize that the Declaration of Independence was first written in German. Why do you think that is, well most certainly it is because they could read and interpret things better than any other peoples that were here, as they represented the majority of the people who lived here in our early days.

It is time for people to wake up, and realize what you are allowing tryants to do to your life, and most importantly what they are doing to our future.

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