Sunday, October 04, 2009

FFF.ORG: Patriotism and Education

I have attended two conferences held by FFF.ORG with Bumper or Jacob Hornberger as the organizer of the group because I like to see how different people think. Now, Jacob and most of the speakers are all of the econmic thought of the Mises Institute or Austrian Economics. Now, I do agree that we have a problem with government spending, however I was extremely disappointed by the fact that the people who attended did not first say a pledge to our flag before starting sessions.

Actually, the reason that I attended the FFF.ORG meeting in 2007 is because I was supporting Ron Paul for President, and I wanted to make sure that he did not abandon God when questioned about where his rights come from. I knew that many of the attendies were New Age type people, which that is ok with me, but I did not want to support Ron Paul if he wavered when questioned about God. Actually, someone in the back of the room, when Judge Napolitono was speaking about where our rights come from got angry when the Judge said that his rights come from God, and Judge Napolitono made a remark, "well you will have to take that up with God." (maybe not verbatum, but you get the picture). I also saw a greedy selfishness and outright arrogance put forth by some of the speakers who seemed to be interested only in peddling their books and getting paid to speak. Now, as far as Mr. Hornberger goes, I have immense respect for him, but am greatly disappointed in him for not having a flag present at the conferences that I attended.

I actually wrote in a journal that I keep in 2007, if I would have received an education when I went to school if such people were in charge of government. Now, I know not all of the people were selfish, and I do agree that we have a problem with education, which is an understatement to say the least. We need to completely overhaul the education system, and actually many ninth graders need to go back to the third grade, but that cannot be done because the desks are too small, and they would not fit in with the younger kids. So, how do we mover forward?

Each group of activists need to understand that the world is not all about them. You simply cannot abandon society, and government is not the answer. Local governments should tax for education costs, and all of the Boards of Educations should be abolished. The schools with a principal is all that we need. The Boards of Education on the state level would be unneccessary in this scenario, as would the Federal Education Board. For example, we have 159 Counties in Georgia, which could be combined into say 45 Counties maybe more for taxation purposes that way the poorest Counties' children would not have to do without an education. We could redistribute school buses to the combined Counties, and encourage more parent involvement in public education. With all of the beuracracy gone, then more funds would be available for education. For example, we have a situation in Bibb County where parents have to send boxes of kleenex to school, and often times there is no toilet paper in the bathrooms. I mean, where does all of the money go? Well, the answer is that it goes to useless paper pushers at the Boards who think it is beneath them to answer the telephones that we pay for that they have in their offices.

We have a situation in Bibb County where a computer system is supposed to exist where parents can log onto a system and get updates about how their kids are doing in school that has been in force for maybe a decade, however, the system still has technical problems and does not work yet. The problem is that no one has figured out technology in this County yet, but most importantly the teachers in the high schools have their hands full trying to teach kids who probably should have not been promoted out of the second grade. We have to the point to where teachers are not burdened with useless propaganda of filling out nonsense reports on kids, and actully teaching the three R's, which is not some new fangled "new math." There is no such thing as new math, as kids have to be taught to actually open up the textbooks that they are issued! Well, as you can see, I am sort of off topic on this post, but if you don't like how I write start your own blog!

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