Saturday, April 17, 2010

Security Bank and SunTrust Bank Hartley Bridge Road

I had banked with Security Bank now State Bank from about 1998, until April 2008. In 2008, I noticed that people were following me to the bank, and that my mail was being opened and sealed back at my CPA office! I told the Branch Manager, Judy Johnosn that Sandy, a lady who worked at the bank and used to work at Porter Ellis School in the lunchroom, nodded to people as I was in the drive through deposited money, as if confirming what I was depositing into my CPA account! I had CNBC on during this time, and after Judy sent me a letter telling me to close my business account immediately, someone on CNBC said "they told her bank to close her account." Well, you know it is really strange to have the media no who in the hell you are.

Well, then I opened my business account around April 8th at SunTrust Bank on Hartley Bridge Road, oh what fun to be a stable person who does not like to change to have to open a new bank account a week before the tax filing deadline! So, now to just recently, I had the same thing happen when I started banking at SunTrust, people following me every time I went to the bank! Why in the hell are people following me to the bank and post office? Well, Rose Alexander, the black teller that I always, dealt with would always say "have a nice day Ms. Poole." Well, oneday when I was driving my red Firebird Convertible, Ms. Alexander said "I see you have a new red convertible." Well, the convertible is a 1992 with about 45k on it, real nice but not new. Well, I noticed early on in 2008 that people could hear me in my car. Well, when I went down Pio Nono that day after going to the bank, black people from all over the place were pulling out of streets and looking at my darn car, and at me! Well, a month or so ago, Ms. Alexander told me that bullshit of have a nice day Ms. Poole, and I told her to take her nice day and shove it up her ass.

Well, I later went into the bank and told the assholes in there that I was tired of everyone coming to the bank at the same time that I did. Well, on the 29th of March, we had a showdown of sorts. The fiasco's climax was the branch manager, Amy Miller walking out of the vault area with nearly ten thousand in cash. Amy pushed the money toward me, and told me that my account was closed that day! I told her I was not taking cash like that out of the bank and demanded an official check be written. Well, the stupid bitch who should be in prison, in my opinion, typed a check for $9,611.09 to merely Linda Poole. I drove back to my CPA office, just minutes away, and thought this is bullshit. I got back in my car, and went back to the bank, and demanded that Amy type a new check to Linda J. Poole CPA PC, 4145 Hartley Bridge Road, Macon, Georgia 31216. Amy refused to type a new check...and smarted off that your account does not have CPA on it, it just says PC. Now, mind you I have a business at 4145 Hartley Bridge Road, since 1996 and have had two banks ask me to move my account in the last two years.

Well, now I am with Mid South Community FCU, and so far so good. When I said I was going to the bank today when I visited GreenLeaf Nursery, two darn police cars were there when I went to the bank! Now, this is getting a little old. I am not a criminal! These Bibb County Police are morons. They know who I am! No doubt they are sucking the Federal government out of money to fund their sorry asses. Bibb County is bankrupt and they had to create some fraud to fund their bankrupt state of affairs! All of this shit against me and my family was purposely set up to draw people to Macon to generate money. The whole town has committed fraud against people who have drove to Macon trying to find me! I have reason to believe that I was made real old at first, and now the fraud is that they listened to me visiting my son, at my old house down the road, and created a hugh fraud scam that I as real young, and did not vote.

Well, for the record, I voted for Ron Paul in the Primary in 2008. I went to Northeast High School to vote in the fall of 2008. I got my voter's card, and oh a black lady behind me said: "is this the gold line?" Well, I put my card in the machine, hit write-in ballot, and typed in Linda J. Poole for President. Yes, that is right, I voted for myself for President! I could not think of anyone any better to vote for than myself!

For people that do not understand RICO, you know that money Amy Miller tried to hand me is just below the $10,000 amount that would be considered money laundering and/or drug money. I tell you I do believe that the mafia has taken over Macon, Georgia!

I had to go to the Bibb County Court House in 2008 to request an application to get my business license! I told Thomas Tedders that I refused to pay a late fee because an application was not mailed to me. Thomas did not charge me a late fee, and of all places my business license was locked in the vault! I want to know that I am protected because I am alone all of the time. I have never felt so scared in all of my life, as I have been in the last two and a half years. I feel that if I were to be in a car wreck that the police probably have a landfill ready to put me and my car in. Someone needs to visit Macon, Georgia and investigate this fraud against me and my family! The liars at the tax office have even insinuated that my CPA office is residential property!

I have got several pieces of mail from AT&T addressed to the residence of Linda Foley. My phone number has never been associated with Foley! Like I have written before just about everyone in Macon, Georgia needs to be put in prison!

I attest to the fact that I, Linda J. Poole, do not reside in a hotel or a motel! I detest the fact that people are living in hotels and pretending to be me. You know of all of the people who stole my identity, I think that US Supreme Court should tell them that they have lost their Citizenship! That would mean a good many stupid white people and stupid black people would never be able to vote again! I would like to see all of their properties confiscated and given to poor people in the Appalachians!

Wow, what a dream come true!

Heart of Gold and fraud against me and my family

During the Bibb County Convention in 2008, I was sitting behind Pat Donnelly and her husband. I was not paying attention to Steve Dillard or Erick Erickson on the stage, except when I trid to speak one of them told me basically to be quiet! Well, who in the hell do these guys think they are telling me to not say anything? Well, all of a sudden Pat says to her husband, "Linda must be the Heart of Gold because Erick just got a call to be a Fox News contributor!" Now, Pat knew that I was sitting behind her, I mean in the row right behind them!

Ok, so that is not the only time I heard that! People followed me everywhere I went looking at what I bought and what I did in 2008. Everytime I walked in a store, this darn music started playing! I was so stressed out in 2008, I could not take it. I told Larry Andrews at my CPA office in 2008, while I was trying to do my income tax business that I could not take all of the people following me to the office and home. Why were the police allowing this to happen to me is what I want to know?

I heard Charlotte Hardy say in 2008, my next door neighbor, as I was lying in my bed at night one particular night..."if Linda finds out she is the Heart of Gold she can't run for President." Well, you know that was news to me because I darn sure was not running for President. Where in the hell would I get the money to run for President? I feel like Charlotte Hardy must have told everyone in the darn city who in the hell she thought I was because I had every asshole in town following me every where I go!

It was so bad last year that I almost got ran over a couple of times at my home just checking my mail! In 2008, I called the Macon Police when my son Matthew was at the house with me. Matthew who was thirteen at the time had flooded my basement taking a shower. I was already in bed, and he said "Mom the water is flooding in the basement." I got up and went to the basement and water was flowing out of the pipe, I believe the air conditioner fitting or something blew out. Well, I called a plumber, and then I saw a cable wire on my basement floor. Now, mind you this was the summer of 2008. I called the Macon Police and an officer named Jason Parks came to my home. I told him that I thought someone had been in my home. I felt that people were watching me and or listening to me in my home. I was divorced, and I no one had a right to watch me in my house. I also feel that I am being watched in my CPA office right now. I do not like it at all!

Jason refused to write up an incident report, and followed him up the basement steps and out the door and I hollered at him to right a report. Jason turned around and grabbed my arms and jerked them behind my back, and put handcuffs on my wrists so tight that they cut into my wrists. This all in front of my young son, Matthew! Ok, mind you I had got up out of bed because of Matthew flooding the basement. I had on pajama bottoms, no shoes a Destin tee shirt, and at least had a bra on. I sat in the back of a Macon Police car for almost an hour sweating with handcuffs on my arms behind my back waiting on Marty to pick up Matthew at my house. I had no shoes on, and my cell phone in my hand! I demanded my wallet, the asshole was wanting to take me to jail without my license! Finally, Matthew brought me a pair of shoes and my wallet with my driver's license. When we pulled into the jail a young black guy was at the gate, and pointed at me! What in the hell have you people in Macon done to me and my family?

Jason had the audacity to say, when we got to jail that he was glad to be getting off work so he could go see his baby after dragging me away from my son in handcuffs! I was placed in a cell with a black lady who got to keep her driver's license and a cell phone! My stuff was confiscated. The black bitch was sitting in there texting someone. Well, I beat on the door. Mind you I have never been arrested in my life! This little black bitch police officer said after a while, well you get to go home now. And then when she opened the door her and black male officer pushed me down the hall to a holding cell that was filthy! They pulled a white lady off the floor who had been vomiting on the floor! I stood in this filthy cell for about three hours! I kept asking to go to the bathroom, and they would not let me out. The black officer hit me on the back of the neck and head, and pulled on my arms so hard it was unbelievable.

All I had done was tried to get a report about someone coming into my own home illegally! No one had a right to listen to me, no one! Marty was finally able to get me out, Marty is my ex-husband. Marty picked me up in his pickup truck and took me to Engle Drive where I live. I ask Chuck Harden, my next door neighbor, if he heard me the night before. Chuck said he did not hear me, so how in the hell could I get arrested for disturbing the peace? Arrested in my own yard!

I went to the emergency room on Riverside Drive, and a black police officer showed up and changed the stations, as if trying to put me everywhere but Macon! I was XRayed, and the doctor said that I had multiple contusions, and wrote that up! I took the medical report with me to an oversight board in downtown Macon that is supposed to investigate wrong doing by the police. I sent several certified mails, and finally got a letter that said that an investigation had been done and no wrong doing had been found. Well you know, I am a Georgia College graduate, I graduated Cum Laude with a 3.78 GPA, I have a Masters in Business and I have been a CPA since 1990. I am quite sure that the GSCPA, the State Board of Accountancy, the AICPA would be horrified if they knew that this could happen to a business owner!

I went a few times to contest the ticket for disturbing the peace, and, of course, Jason Parks did not show up! I wish that someone woould do something about this, and arrest everyone involved. There were several police officers when I went to court and there were liberal lawyers, of course! I cannot believe that someone who is just trying to live their life has it turned upside down. The thing that I hate the most is that my young son Matthew has had to participated in this stinking fraud! I had no assignment whatsoever, and my ex-husband was lied to! I have been completely in the blind in all of this shit, and it has not been pleasant. I filed my divorce pro-se with Judge Ennis as the Judge! Everyone in this town knows that I did not leave town!

What is so bad is that my clients were lied to. My tax clients and write-up clients actually thought I did something wrong. The fraud is not telling the truth that I was a Certified Public Accountant! The town had no right whatsoever following me around and allowing complete strangers to know who I am! If Steve Wilson started this, then I would like to see him blind folded and a firing squad shoot his ass, until there was not one empty spot on his sorry body. If he did not start it, I would like to know who did!

Steve Wilson of WMCC Blogspot and other assholes

Steve has conveniently taken his blog offline. I sent Steve a Christmas card at Christmas, and ask him if he was involved with the crap going on in my life, not verbatum. I also called Steve's home right after Christmas and spoke with his wife. I ask her to have Steve call me. Then I called Steve from my office here in Macon, Georgia and told him who I was. I ask Steve, do you know who I am? Steve said "I do now."

I had commented on Steve Wilson's blog in the past as Miss American Pie and BeeBee. Steve knows full well who I am because I called into 940 Talk Radio quite a bit. Steve surely knows that I filed a Contest against the SPLOST Election in 2005. Funny though because no media whatsoever showed up for the hearing before Judge Martha Christenson. I have been set up in Macon, Georgia by a bunch of liberal queers! Yes, the whole town is full of liberal faggots! I have not met one conservative in Macon, Georgia, except for the soldiers that I meet.

This town is so damn sorry that after we had Sgt Kelley Courtney and others lose their lives in 2004 during the Iraq War, by the way Kelley was a Marine with my son, Mark Foley and his brother Donny Courtney. Toys for Tots came to Macon, Georgia that year, and Marty, Matthew and I went and took three toys. The Macon Auditorium was at best 20% full! Yes, this town is a bunch of suck ass liberals, born with silver spoons in their mouths. I saw Steve Wilson and his other queer friends perform at the Macon Civic Club. That group of morons is what is wrong with this town! They are a bunch of has beens who have not grown up yet! Everyone of them think that their shit does not stink, and they look down on anyone who actually works for a living. Kenny Burgamy walked past me like he did not see me at one of the shows, as well. The whole town of Macon, Georgia is corrupt.

I told George Meadows at the Business Watch Meeting at the Texas Cattle Company on Houston Road that I was not safe and that people had been driving by my office for three tax season harassing me now. George Meadows a Bibb County Debuty said "now, now, Linda not here." Like I was a child! I tell you it is absolute disgusting fraud what this town has done to me and my family. They have literally destroyed my CPA business, by someone allowing liberals to listen to me at my office in 2008 during the 2007 tax season. Some damn Indian guy named Patel came into my CPA office and ask me if I wanted to sell my business for $150k. I said no, I would not take less than $600k. The asshole turned around and walked out, and then came back a couple of days later, and said: "This business is closed...this is an empty building." I said this business is not closed! I have furniture in here and this is a CPA business. The asshole just turned around and walked out. Am I mad, you bet your ass I am mad as hell!

In addition, after I went to a Republican meeting at the Country Buffet on Gray Highway in Macon, Georgia in early 2008, Charlie Bishop got angry with me for questioning him about the SPLOST Election. Charlie then called my office afterwards, when Scottie Shepard walked in my office, and said that he was real worried about me having a heart attack and worried about my health. Scottie Shepard who ran against Jerry Modina in 2004 said the same thing! This town is corrupt. They all knew exactly what they were doing, as all of them have conspired to destroy me and my families life. After Patel said my busniness was closed, I did not get one phone call at my CPA office during the rest of 2008 and most of 2009! I have lost 70% of my CPA practice, and no one gives a rat's ass. I have had my CPA practice here at this very office where I am now typing this blog entry, since 1996. At no time have I ever directed people what to do.

I have had people follow me from my home located at 1590 Engle Drive to my office, since November 2007. I have had people follow me to the bank, to the post office to the store and drive by my office non-stop! My office is located at 4145 Hartley Bridge Road and today some asshole drove by my office when I was putting out Eggplants and some Cucumbers that I grew from seeds (I have a garden at my office this year), and he hollered "you are f'ing nuts!" Well, I am tired of this shit, and every lawyer in Macon needs to be removed from the Bar. Judge Ennis needs to be removed from the bench, and all of the police need to be fired...Bibb County and Macon! Charlie Bishop, Scottie Shepard, Steve Wilson and everyone who has turned their back on my safety need to be stripped of all of their financial assets and put in prison for life! I am as serious as a heart attack. I charge each and everyone of them for attempted manslaughter. They have allowed rumors to spread, and have allowed people to believe that I have had a sex change and that I have no children, and what ever damn rumor they want to spread. I have a Taurus 38 Special handgun right now in my office, and I would love to use it on all of them! And I am not a violent person, but the crooks in Macon, Georgia have violated my Constitution Rights!

I have reason to believe that Steve Wilson lied and said that I left Macon, Georgia. I never left Macon! I have lived in this hell hole of a town, since
1981. I am a white divorce woman with two sons, one 31 and one 14. I do not like the fact that my son who is now 14 has been lied to about his mother. People actually believed that I left my son with a child molestor or something because of bullshit lies! My son is living with my ex-husband in the same house I moved out of in November 2007! I want people to stay the hell out of our lives, and now. I have had it with the fraud and the near cause of my having wrecks. I do not like being chased all over Macon, Georgia. That is why I left my television on in 2008, and took off many times. Just to get peace, I drove up to Wisconsion over to Nebraska, and all around. It was great getting out of this hell on Earth. I have been to San Antonio, Houston, Washing DC, Chantilly VA. I had 84k on my Cadillac when I got a divorce in March 2008, and I have 123k on it now! If I had the money, I would leave for Clearwater Beach next week. I hate Macon, Georgia and the morons who live here.

If someone wants to give me 600k for my building, I will be gone next week. Then you can run your f'ng assignments on someone else's time! Basically, you can kiss Linda J. Poole CPA's ass! Yeah that is me, Linda Poole the CPA that no one in this hell hole of a town likes! Well you know what I did not go to the Cherry Blossom Festival this year; I refuse to go to the Georgia State Fair this year! When I move from Macon, Georgia oneday, I will never step foot in Georgia again! And I will tell my sons that if they come to Georgia they will not be welcome in my home!

Basically, Macon Georgia you can kiss my ass! Yeah, if you were to see my home, you would see in my computer room a vinyl sign I ordered a while back. The sign has an hour glass on it and says "Macon, Georgia lost in time....Biggest Asshole Town in the World or USA...cannot remember at this time." But you get the picture. If I had the money, you can bet I would put it on billboards all over Georgia and throughout the United States! I will tell all of my family to never visit here! The Cherry Blossom Festival can go to hell, as far as I am concerned.