Friday, November 17, 2006


I visited my hair dresser yesterday, and what a wonderful lady Su is. Her only son, Eric, is now on his second tour in the Army in Iraq. Of course, Su does not know where he is headed, but does know that he is presently in Kawait. Su's little television was on Lifetime yesterday, which is what I noticed when walking in to her little shop at her home. It is too hard for Su to watch CNN or any other news station now, and she is confused about the politics going on, as she told me that she heard all of the troops would be out in six months according to something that she heard on the news. It is wrong for the politics taking place in the news because there are real families that are in turmoil. I told her that I would pray for him, and to let me know an address to send him a card. As of yesterday, Su does not have an address to send a Christmas gift to her only son. I always marveled at how Su seemed to be able to allow Eric to be a man and grow up (I think he is the ripe old age of 20), while I always worried about my own son when he was in the Marines, and didn't want to let go of telling him how to live his life. But yesterday, Su said "I want my baby home." We all need to remember during Thanksgiving and Christmas, the sacrifices of the thousands like Su that are depressed during these holidays. Remember Su in your prayers, and her son Eric, and pray for all of the brave protecting our freedom.

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