Thursday, November 09, 2006


v=L724tuuO1ws&feature=response_watch "BAD MOON RISING" BY CCR AND COVERED BY ANOTHER BAND

The sun has set on the Neocons even if for a short while. I heard Newt Gingrich on Neel Boring Boortz today, and he was on there tooting his horn again. There will be fools in the GOP that allow Newt to pretend that he had nothing to do with the demise of the Moral Majority. Newt played a big hand with getting AIPAC money to swing into the hands of the GOP, and this was the marriage made in hell. Those that pledge allegiance to Israel ahead of their allegiance to America caused our headaches in the Middle East. If Israel had never been given authority to displace Palestinians 60 or so years ago, we would no doubt have much more peace in the Middle East. Wars will continue to go on because the Jews cannot get along with their Muslim cousins and vice versa. So I suppose Newt thinks that he can come in now and blame everyone but himself for this hijacking of the GOP that costs many their principles that they once had before heading for Washington DC. I have read a few of the local blogs, and as usual, the young political pundits are making excuses as to why we lost and pretending that being a red state in a blue sea still gives the southern Republicans credibility. The problem is that people do not look beyond their own front door, nor do they look beyond the state borders to understand that not everyone thinks like a southernor. Will they ever learn? I think that they will not learn from their mistakes of slamming everyone that has a different opinion from Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the writers and planners that dictate talking points from the top down. The GOP is not grass roots, at all, as they long ago threw away the seeds of what makes America great, which is people like me and my clients that can think for ourselves. It is too bad that the talking heads think that only they know what the problems are, and think that the rest of us are morons that blindlessly vote for their reelection of politicians that are corrupt. It is time for a change, and now let us see the Democrats lead and show the American public that is not so easy to lead during a time of war. We do not need for Newt to rescue us, he has done enough damage.

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