Friday, November 17, 2006


Because of voter apathy, taxpayers have no one to complain to. The government is so swollen out of proportion that our elected leaders hire consultants to help them do a job that they are supposed to do. Our broke government in Macon, Georgia is getting us further in debt by financing a convention hotel that there is not a demand for. Mercer University is in the process of building a hotel that will be suitable for out of town guests, and we still have the Crowne Plaza that has vacancies most of the time. The financed convention hotel is nothing more than a gimmick to keep the insiders with cash flow that taxpayers will support for years to come. It is a shame to watch the abuse of taxpayers that takes place in Macon and Bibb County, but it will continue to take place from now on. It is business as usual. If you feel like a do, then here is an imaginary complaint button.

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