Saturday, August 12, 2006


From 1949 to 1997, the total aid to Israel born by United States Citizens is $135 billion dollars! Can you imagine what that kind of money could have meant or our own economy? This type of transfer of our private weatlh buys corruptive influence of legislatures that we think represent us! How can congress have our best interest at heart with this type of money flowing to Israel, and then it gets filtered back to our country through the PAC
called AIPAC discussed in next couple of posts. I say that we push for a constitutional amendment to ban NGOs from wielding control in our legislature. Oh you think that is crazy, well the Ukraine and Russia are pushing for that very thing, so why shouldn't we. A NGO is a non-governmental organization. Israel is a foreign state, so why should PACs from foreign enitities be allowed. Do you think that Ben Franklin would go along with this or perhaps Thomas Jefferson or our first President, George Washington? Of course not! The above link will take the curious reader to these statistics and other interesting facts. We can take America back, but not like Sean Hannity the puppet of the neocons talks about. It takes education, and getting other people to pay attention. Unfortunately most work so hard just to earn a living that time is too limited. That is by design, the way our leaders have got us all working in two income households and most are so turned off by politicians because they see no difference between the two parties. There is hyped media differences, but in reality the big picture is that many politicians are actually cordial friends even if on opposing sides and they all cherish their seats as if they were the inheritors of a throne in the kingdom. The land of milk 'n honey off the sweat of taxpayers is the gift that keeps on giving. And if the politicians get elected long enough, then retirement benefits keep them and their spouses going for years. Health care is provided, too! And about 47 million of our citizens have no health care, and retirement plans are only for the select few as corporations have phased out such benefits. Can you imagine how far this money filtered out to Israel would have gone providing benefits to American Citizens? This money could help pay our bankrupt social security fund or our trillion dollars of national debt. And then the media says that Israel is a democracy! What a farce!

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