Saturday, August 12, 2006


I have been giving serious thought to the way people will be conditioned to hate someone or some entire group of people based upon what someone else dictates. For instance, I just looked at the headlines on, and I saw where yet another expert has written a book about the ten things that led us to Islamic fascism or whatever the new code word is now. President Bush started using Islamic fascism earlier this week, so now that is the new talking point for Republican strategists. The author of this particular book is no less than a Phd, of course, and he is trying to convince readers that all 1 1/2 billion people that practice Islam are bad because they desire for all to submit to Allah.

Well, since I am not into allowing other people to tell me how to think about people, I decided to learn a little bit about Islam and what exactly Allah is. Well you see, Allah is the same God that Christians worship and those that practice Islam attest to that. As I wrote in an earlier post, those that follow the Quaran (book that those of the Islam follow) accept that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and that he was crucified and did ascend into heaven. The Islamic religion follows that when Christ returns the cross will be taken down because that will no more be needed for Chirst. The cross will be replaced by Allah or God and all people will submit to the will of God. This group that would be in God's kingdom would be all that believed in God. Now our New Testament also tells us as Christians that we are to submit to the divinity of God, and Jesus tells us to pick up our cross and follow him. Jesus tells us that the kingdom will be for the poor in spirit, and the idea of a rich man getting to heaven is like a camel going through the eye of a needle. We are told not to put treasure for ourselves, as we should put all of our faith in the Lord.

So here we have those that say those that say that we should submit to Allah are somehow bad and that we should actually hate them. That is exactly the same as saying, well if Christians spread the good news telling friends, relatives and strangers to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and they will be saved and rewarded in heaven, then all Christians that spread the gospel are bad people and should be hated. Well actually, it is nearly like that today in the United States. Christianity is the most abused religion, in my opinion, and it gets worse each year. The point here is there is no way that over a billion people of another culture that believe in Jesus, that believe in Allah and that pray five times or more per day are people that are threatening our lives. There are bad people in every group of people, and it is wrong for the media and politicians to instigate hatred toward those that practice Islam. I truly think that our political leaders have created the terrorist by meddling in Middle Eastern affairs, and now it has been totally blown out of proportion. I think it is so sad that hatred breeds in our population toward Muslims, as peace should be the primary focus. to be continued

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