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The USSR/Marxist Anti-Christian Holocaust
Copyright (c) 1998 - Ingrid A. Rimland, Author, November 29, 1998--- The Christian News is a Lutheran/Missouri Synod publication and quite respectable and conservative.
For one, it does not run any ads, which means it is not financially beholden, as are so many other so-called "Christian" publications who dance to the tune of the piper.
The latest issue, dated November 23, 1998, page 14, has a very interesting semi-book review of sorts. It is titled The Russian/Marxist Holocaust, and is written by Dr. Albert Jabs, Chair of the Chair Department of Multidisciplinary Studies, at Shaw University, Raleigh, NC. I bring it here in full, with a cautionary note that the last paragraph is very slightly modified since there seems to have been a typographical shift (two lines seems to have been reversed) which I fixed as best as I could. (My guessing at the sentence structure is of no significance to the article itself).
Here is what Dr. Jabs wrote:
The war to end all wars - World War I - did not end the war against people. After the Great War stopped and people danced and cried with joy, a greater war, against civilians, began in the new Soviet Union.
According to recent research by R. J. Rummel (University of Hawaii) Lenin unleashed a chilling carnage, which continued through Stalin and others right up to 1987 that resulted in the death of approximately 95.2 million (Lethal Politics). In other words, according to Rummel, ***more lives were lost in Marxist countries, like the Soviet Union, than had been lost in both World Wars - and this genocide or democide was done by government against their own people.*** (emphasis added)
Rummel has done massive research in genocide and mass murder among nations, and while in teaching World War I and World War II history, I have noticed that some historians are quick to raise the red flag when discussing the Red Scare period after World War I and the McCarthy era after World War II. The paradox is that many historians simply omit Marxist countries, in regard to murders of their own citizens. This culpable omission may be that history is written by left wing historians who may themselves have flirted with the idea that utopian Marxism has something to contribute.
I have heard professors speak glibly about Marxism in my trip to the former Soviet Union, with democide on their own people and others (. . . a verb missing here?) to such an extent that their lives were so much disposable chemicals.
Marxism, in the minds of many who suffered under its totalitarianism, saw it as being worse than Hitler's national socialism, which was bad enough. The Marxism of the early Civil War period (1917) through collectivization, the Ukraine starvation period, the Terror before World War II, and the Terror after World War II and the other historical periods are there for the reader to see.
In view of the devastations, it is difficult to understand how the U.S. and FDR, and England, and Churchill, could have been so duped by arch criminal, "Uncle Joe Stalin", as Roosevelt referred to him, and establish communist hegemony in the heart of Europe. At one time much of what has been stated would be considered to be right wing, but the facts of Rummel are unassailable. Russia at the present time needs to be fed by the US and other nations. For humanitarian reasons, people should be helped, but it would be valuable, even with Russia's nuclear missiles, to know something of its horrific history.
World War I ended yesterday, 80 years ago, but a greater war against civilians now began. I heard (my father) say that the Russian people were essentially like people everywhere. Yet, the intellectuals like John Reed thought heaven was around the corner; it was, but it really was hell on earth.

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