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Zionist Christians - A Mossad OperationDo Zionist Christians Know That The Name Of Jesus Was Changed In Israel?
By Reuven SchossenAugust 15th, 2006
I was born to Jewish parents. Some of my more distant family died in the European Wars of the 20th century. Yet, I am a Christian. My conversion was a long process and began when I was a student at an Israeli high-school on a kibbutz in the Jordan Valley. There, I learned that Jesus’ name in Hebrew had been changed so that it is now an acronym meaning “Be His Name and Memories Forgotten.” Hitler’s name had not been touched, hence - I thought - Jesus must have committed a very serious crime. Indeed he had. By putting the emphasis on faith and love he seriously threatened the Pharisees - later to be called Rabbis - and their monopoly on the interpretation of the Old Testament.
The Pharisees used their interpretation, called the Talmud, to create a convenient life for their group. For this, Jesus called them hypocrites. It took me a long time to walk the rest of the way to the Christian Church. One of the roadblocks was the Pharisaic propaganda that teaches that Judaism is both a religion and an ethnic group, implying thus that a Jew cannot convert. A more serious problem was the Christian teaching that we are all sinners. Jews believe they are born perfect; from childhood they are told they are the Chosen People.
For a long time, I accepted all of the Christian Doctrine, except for that one point. “I didn’t kill,” I kept telling myself. One day, I tried a semantic exchange and told myself “I am not perfect.” The next step was immediate and I understood that I am a sinner because I am imperfect and thus unable to keep any set of religious laws. Expanding on the subject is beyond the scope of this article, but afterwards I completely embraced the Christian World: it is within my mind and, mainly, within my heart.
I am not a Charismatic, not a Pentecostal, not even a Catholic; I am an active member of the original Evangelical denomination, the Lutheran Church and even hold a formal position as the adult school teacher in the congregation of which I am a member in La Paz, Bolivia. I teach the Bible in Hebrew at the Biblical Evangelical Seminary there - the biggest in the country - and am regularly invited to speak at many churches. I have given sermons, devotionals, appeared on radio programs, led professional groups and study groups in Lutheran, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Neo-Pentecostal and Brethren Churches. I am mainstream Christian, well-known and widely accepted by the Bolivian Evangelical communities. Bolivia is the country that provided me with political asylum once the State of Israel began persecuting me due to my writings.
It was hard for me to ignore the Zionist influence in Bolivia. Many members of the Pentecostal Churches wear Stars of David - a Hindu symbol for spiritual strength - which was stolen by the Pharisees in a moment of spiritual weakness. Until they heard me speak, many of them confused the State of Israel with the Kingdom of Israel. Classical Christian Theology teaches that the Kingdom of Israel is a spiritual one and that we, people of good faith and loving temperament, are it. The State of Israel is just one more of the tribulations described in the New Testament.
I began explaining, carefully and with love, this poisonous error which Zionism purposely introduces into Christianity. We can all make mistakes or be manipulated into mistakes. On two different occasions, I spotted listeners ripping off their Stars of David. Once, I was told, in tears: “Until I heard you, I didn’t feel worthy of God for not having been born Jewish.”
This diabolical interpretation - that the State of Israel is the Kingdom - is aggressively pushed by the Zionists internationally. They use it as a subversive tool with which to secure the active support of some poorly educated Evangelical Churches, mainly in the USA. Soon I found that Bolivia is important to the Zionists. The poorest country in South America, it has a huge Evangelical community.
Since Americans are not good missionaries, because of their negative image worldwide, Zionist Missionaries prefer to train Bolivians for the job. “They are of the right size and color for that work,” a missionary husband once told me in a racist tone. A few weeks later, his wife stood up and left one of my classes in which I was teaching the Sermon on the Mount - specifically the part about the persecution of those who seek justice - and she never returned. When it became obvious that I was straightening the tangled vines, I began receiving direct threats from the State of Israel and suffered a warning attack in February, 2006.
A month later, an article about me was published in the American media and I was contacted regarding its contents by someone who claimed to be a Jewish convert to Christianity. I gave a courteous answer but not any special treatment for “there is neither Jew nor Greek,” the Scriptures teach. Shortly thereafter, he began sending me emails by the dozen. It was a tactic I had already seen and I like to call it “carpeting.”
Whenever security services want to learn something about your connections, affiliations or preferences, they like to bait you with many different options and then they look carefully at which ones you pick up. Automatically, this self-defined Christian convert fell onto my list of suspected Mossad agents. After I did a radio interview setting forth the same ideas as those in this article, he did one himself and therein claimed that Christians and Rabbis are the same, excepting the belief in Jesus. Nothing could be further from the truth and nearer to the Mossad’s long term strategy for deceptively undermining Christianity.
Later, in the United States, I was traveling between Santa Fe and San Francisco due to the idiosyncrasies of my complicated political asylum process. In a daring move, I invited myself to visit this agent in Colorado. The carpeting went wild there and I have no room for a detailed account, but I was positively convinced that he is no Christian. He knew the Israeli Evangelical Churches, but in the way a policeman does, and he named all of them in Jerusalem, seeking my reactions. Proselytizing in Israel is a crime and all these churches are under heavy restrictions and surveillance. Years before, I belonged to a Christian group in Tel Aviv which is unknown to the Israeli police. Much of my discussion with Mossad agents involves their attempts to get names and addresses. Needless to say, they have always failed miserably.
Part of the carpeting this time was weird. The agent offered me political asylum in Iran, a fake American passport with which to visit Israel (and thus potentially to disclose an underground church), and even a phone number in Fort Collins from which I could make international long distance calls for free (and probably be closely monitored). After I politely rejected these proposals, he added - and not in a particularly Christian way - that Israeli thugs will beat me with sticks until nothing is left on my shoulders, and that sometimes he “feels like killing someone.” I was unimpressed by that; I’m too experienced to be excited by a bubbling provocateur. The thrilling part, entirely new to me, was that he lives within a Zionist Christian community. Apparently he supervises or monitors their indoctrination for the Mossad.
Only by understanding these techniques and goals of the Pharisaic and Zionist movements - only by understanding that their long term hatred of the Christian World demonstrates that it is the ultimate answer to the Pharisaic-Zionist outrages - will it be possible to block these well-designed long-term strategies. Today, we are still in a position to make a change; tomorrow it may be too late. Even Hitler’s name wasn’t changed.
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(Rueven reports an incredible story that may be hard to believe for some, yet it is known that in 1981 the state of Israel under the terrorist and war criminal Menahem Begin, gave Christian Zionist Jerry Falwell a private jet, and who knows what other perks the other Christian Zionist organizations have received over the years for helping to bail out that bandit state. Picking up where Rueven leaves off would make for an interesting topic for an investigative reporter to cover, anyways if you are interested in more on Reuven Schossen’s story you can hear him interviewed at the link below — Staff)

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