Monday, August 07, 2006


Our family paid hard earned money to see "Talledega Nights" last evening, and our family consists of myself, my husband and our soon to be eleven year old son. WMAZ had the ding-bat Jackie Cooper give a review of the movie where he even interviewed Farrell, and Cooper said the movie was just hillarious and said it was one of Farrell's best movies ever. A big problem is that Cooper who seems to be totally anti-values failed to say that the main plot of the movie focused upon a gay French driver that came from France to defeat the star. So here we all sat in a theatre full of young families with children, and the laughs were apparent at the start of the movie. But you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife when the gay driver appears with his boyfriend that he kisses fully on the mouth.

The jokes concerning the praying to the Baby Jesus were pretty offensive, too. We also see Ricky Bobby go to the french driver's home where lesbians are eating lunch with him and another gay couple that is of a mixed black/white race situation. This movie was everything that Nascar is not about, and we were very upset when we left. The movie even ends with Ricky Bobby kissing the french driver on the lips when they have a wreck that lasts through an Applebee's commercial, and they get out of the car and run across the finish line. Ricky Bobby wins and he and the french racer lock in a big kiss that lasts long enough that I felt like throwing up.

To hell with Hollywood getting angry at Mel Gibson, as they can kiss my rear end! I am tired of the trash that they put out, and again I wish that Jackie Cooper would get fired from his position as movie reviewer. Cooper may qualify to review films in Hollywood, but he does not belong in the Bible Belt!

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Jace Walden said...

No one forced you to watch the movie.