Monday, January 23, 2006


The states with the most distressed counties are :
Kentucky, 35 distressed countiesWest Virginia with 21 distressed counties Mississippi with 12,Tennessee, 8Ohio, 6Alabama, 5Virginia, 3North Carolina, 1

This Appalachian map shows the highest poverty rates in the United States. Could we become the next Appalachia? We most certainly will become the next Appalachia, if our government does not wake up and realize that taxation by government gets in the way of private investment. Government is not efficient because by its very definition, there is not a profit motive. Many people scoff at one that tries to tell the truth, but when you do not hold on to your good paying manufacturing jobs something has to give. It is either government that realizes that it must consolidate for efficiency or it is more flight out of the County. Our financial demographics are getting more and more like the Appalachian area every year.

Updated from earlier post in October 2005: Now we are losing B&W in Macon, Keebler, First Data in Macon, and we are losing Ford Motor Company in Atlanta area. Folks our education is a failure in this state, and there is a reason we do not have the skilled labor required of world class manufacturers.


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