Saturday, January 14, 2006


Because of government officials in the City of Macon and Bibb County unwilling to downsize government and cut taxes, we are going down for the count.

Some businesses that I can recall that have gone out of business or are in the process of going out of business:

Brown and Williamson
Cagles Chicken Processing
Bassett Furniture
Ironwoods Family Golf Center
Bibb Mills
Hi Fi Buys
Toys R Us
Media Play
First Data
YKK (considerable downsizing and pay cuts)
Quail's Nest on Gray Highway
Office Max
Countless other small businesses

It is time that people awakened in Bibb County and the City of Macon and realized that a change is long overdue. I was happy that someone wrote a letter to the newspaper about the trouble that he went through to open his business, and how his business license renewal was so disrespectful toward business owners. It is ridiculous that small businesses must pay $50 for administrative fees and then $30 per employee to get a renewal. We could cut Thomas Tedders' office staff drastically and eliminate this per employee fee for small businesses and jump start the private sector. But the people that run our government that have no business knowledge will keep on doing whatever it takes to keep money in their own pockets. The idea that Bass Pro Shops with its $8.50 an hour jobs will make up for the loss of jobs and pay in this community is laughable.


KAT said...

For those who want to come, the Georgia DOT is having a meeting at the Porter-Ellis Community Center on January 24 at 4PM-7PM to discuss the Sardis Church Road extension.

This plan is one I support if the drawings from a few years ago are followed. I hope the local Planning and Zoning Commission will be vigilant in allowing developments in the area. I also hope due process is not deprived of those losing land to the road.

Yet the only advantage to the expansion will be safety. Hartley Bridge Road will not be able to take but so much more traffic and an extended Sardis Church Road will help relieve traffic flows headed to Warner Robins and the Middle Georgia Regional Airport/Airport Industrial Park.

But without governmental reform, tax cuts, and improved schools the Sardis Church Road project won't lure but so much industry into Macon. We may as well have entrance ramps on the associated interchange to take us OUT of Bibb if things go as they are.

The CAUTION Macon crowd, various malcontents and fruitcakes, and others just plain interested will show up next Tuesday. I won't be there as I have to work and one of the regular attendees has decided to be my enemy on an unrelated issue.

But I do look forward to community participation. We don't have nearly enough citizen involvement.


BEEBEE said...

I will tell some of my contacts. I thought the Sardis Road Development was already a done deal? Kat, check out and pass the blog to your contacts. We need to connect with people in surrounding counties. Hope all is well.