Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Mr. Opportunity will have his old buddy, Alfalfa, swear him in when he is elected Mayor of New Orleans the end of this year. For those not familiar with Mr. Opportunity, he is the fellow on the right in this photo that captured the heart and mind of a photographer during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. During all of the chaos, Mr. Opportunity helped take a couple of cases of Heinekin beer to a safe location before it got hot in the store. Opportunity was very heroic in wading through the yucky water from the flood, and gave a big smile for the camera. Katrina made him into a beloved hero to fellow New Orleans partiers, and he will definitely beat out Mayor Nagin this year in the Mayoral race. Nagin pretty much blew his chances for getting reelected, when he had a slip of tongue on MLK day by saying that New Orleans was going to become a "chocolate town." Voters will not be swayed to choose chocolate over an ice cold beer, so this blogger predicts that Mayor Nagin will definitely lose out to Mr. Opportunity who is the beer lovers' choice.

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