Sunday, November 27, 2005


Barrack Obama, D-US Senator, Illinois vs. Hillary Clinton, D-US Senator, New York! What a showdown that will be!

The smaller picture of Hillary is not intentional, I just used what was available.

I was watching the Chris Matthew show this Sunday morning and laughed to my husband about how the Democrats need every black vote that they can get, but yet they never promote the charismatic Obama as a credible contender for the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary! They are indeed the most obvious hypocrits in the United States! I had this comment in my archives and brought it up again. Obama could win the Democrat Primary hands down.

If you watch the swearing in ceremony, it is obviously not done properly. I voted for Ron Paul in the Primary election, and well who did I vote for in the General Election. I can tell you that it was no one that was listed on the ballot. I voted for a write-in candidate. Since, so many people seemed to be interested in my whereabouts, I wrote in my own name! Why not, as I can think of no better choice than someone as smart as I am.

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