Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I am leaving the USA to go to Israel tomorrow but before I go I would like to say this:
Merry Christmas!!!! Have a happy celebration in honor of the birth of Jesus. As a nice Jewish boy myself or whatever, I too would like to proclaim my best wishes to the celebration of the MOST American holiday, Christmas. Yom Holedet Sameach Baby Jesus. In America, Christmas is a Holy Day. Be aware that 80 percent of Americans are Christians and that 95 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas. Believe it or not, Jews, they make up only a little more than 1 percent of the American population.
This post may take a lot of explaining, but I am going to try my best anyway. I am American. I was raised with Judeo-Christian values my whole life. For a Jewish kid like me, American Christians play an important part in my identity. Christians founded this country, along with a few Jews, yes, but mostly Christians. In a short 200 years the Christians of America have built the most successful, freest, prosperous, and tolerant nation on God's green earth. In the constitution they made room for everyone, Gentile and Jew, atheist and anarchist, with Judeo-Christian values at the root of it all. This is undeniable. I know my readers already know this, but to be honest I doubt most people do.
Something strange is happening this Christmas season. There is a war against Christmas. The complainers with the freest speech in the entire world, the ones who are the most narcissistic and have the most rights are doing what they do best, complaining that they don't have enough rights or that others have too many rights and they not enough. The secular left, including the the ACLU which is made up of many but not entirely Jewish lawyers and radical liberals, have waged war against celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus in the public arena. It's a tough fight for them as America is a very public and a very religious country. I will admit this anti-Christmas trend may have something to do with Hanukkah. It maybe a little bit the Jews fault in the first place. If we didn't try to make Hanukkah as big and commercial as Christmas is here in America, Christmas would still be the default holiday of the holiday season and have all the attention and respect it deserves. If America made Yom Kippur a national holiday like Christmas, then maybe we would try to hype that most important day of the Jewish year more so that the whole country would celebrate with us, or at least take the day off if you choose not to.
As a Jew, the ALCU makes me wretch. Grinches who don't like Christmas need to shut up. I am Jew and I love Christmas. I am a Jew who's best friends and allies for the Jewish cause are both Jew and Christian. American Jews need to open their eyes before it too late. The people of this Christian American country are the best friends of the Jewish State of Israel. This is the very first, the one and only Jewish- Christian alliance in history. It is a uniquely American revolution. If you don't like it, if you like the old school Jewish-Christian relations of Europe, then that is the place for you.

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