Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Monday, we learned that wrestling lost an admired wrestler, Eddie Guerrero, a 38 year old born again Christian in the prime of his life. The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels, himself a born again Christian broke down in tears in his on camera interview to pay final respects to his friend at Monday night WWE. Shawn talked about how oneday he and Eddie would meet again in Heaven, and he shared many heart warming words about their mutual acceptance of Jesus Christ. I rarely watch wrestling, but we made an effort to watch when our ten year old son told us that Eddie had passed away. My son, Matthew, received such an important message that the wrestlers were real human beings with a faith in the Lord because one after the other, most of the tough wrestlers expressed their love for God and Eddie and Eddie's wife and children that he loved.

Now, to Tuesday, I received an unmarked letter from California that had front and back copied pages of Bible scriptures and the good news gospel to spread the word of Christ. Then last night, the Country Music Awards was held for the first time in New York City. Many of those that took the stage to accept awards gave their thanks to God and Jesus, and it was a wonderful message to see on CBS last night. A rising star from Australia, whose name I cannot remember, was so very thankful to God and pointed to his mother in the audience and thanked her for coming to the awards. People make fun of country music, but country music is the heartbeat of America. What the atheist do to country music is what they do to every good thing about American culture is like the Devil himself would do, which is to focus on someone that is representative of good values that does something like Glen Campbell did when he got arrested for a DUI. The anti-values media loves to point out this fall from grace, and throw dirt in the face of Glen and then attempt to smear mud in the face of those with values and insinuate that they are hypocrits. You see all have sin, which means just that and perfection is not the goal of God fearing people. The goal of those that believe in Christ is that each day of life must be an attempt to keep faith in the Lord, and to attempt to live and act according to God's way.

The Catholic League put pressure on Wal-Mart about taking Christmas out of Christmas, and Wal-Mart has reversed stance this week. Christians are waking up in America, and taking the lead. We have been a silent people in the past, which has caused a moral decline in the United States.

The Baptist Convention is going to pull support from Mercer University in Macon, headlines Macon Telegraph today, and this is bigger than the $2 million dollars that the Convention gives to Mercer. The reason for the Baptist Convention severing ties with Mercer is over the "Coming Out Meeting" and the liberal stance on the gay issue. There will be many Baptist people that get the word from the Convention that will refuse to send their sons and daughters to Mercer. So not only will Mercer lose the Baptist Convention's support, but they will surely lose much in private tuition dollars. I applaud the Baptist Convention. Perhaps, this money can now be directed toward Baptist elementary and high schools to give tuition assistance for students that need help in getting out of the public school system. An important aspect of this to emphasize, which is that the Baptist Convention would need to have the overwhelming support for those that make tithes to the Convention, which is different than when goverment officials vote on a law in Congress, and the vote to discontinue support of Mercer sends a loud message.

I am all for changing the legislative process in Georgia and other states whereby voters could vote on the ability to abolish the public school system and go to a 100% voucher system. It is time for the people to rise and take back the government that has been stolen from us. Majority rule should apply to any government, and we are in a mess in this country because of the minority trampling on our rights. The public school buildings could be allocated to different like-minded people, and in Macon it would mean that the schools would be able to put religion back into the classrooms. The Ten Commandments could be on the wall, the Gay Straight Alliance could be voted out of the campuses before they get a chance to be there. If those that want this for their children want this life style, then they could use their vouchers for the school that supports it. I am sure that at least 99% of the people in Macon would want their children to not be indoctrinated with the gay life style. It is unconstitutional for the public schools to be able to go beyond educating our children with reading, writing and arithmetic and we should not be forced to pay for those things that debase family values.

The Lord is working through the hearts of Christians, and this is the long overdue rebellion against the secularists that have attempted to destroy our Country. Onward Christian Soldiers, as we have much work to do.


KAT said...

According to Worldnet yesterday, Wal-Mart is still not allowing its associates to greet customers with "Merry Christmas."

In fact eleven years ago I worked at the Westgate Wal-Mart. A coworker who was a Jehovah's Witness told me not to say it anymore. Since my assistant manager was an abrasive black racist and Wal-Mart put politicial correctness into its policies, I did what my coworker told me.

I say we boycott Wal-Mart. Sam Walton would NOT have fallen for this political correctness that started with his underlings gaining control of the company.

If they focus on being so "associate-friendly" why did Sam Walton start the practice of making his corporate staff come to work at 3 AM and hire incompetent store management?

I have found that Wal-Mart will fully staff busy stores with enough cashiers given plenty of money and customer complaints. I cannot wait for Sears/KMart to fully take form and challenge Wal-Mart. This will create more faith in the capitalist model.


BEEBEE said...

Dear Kat,

Well actually Kmart and Sears are two chains that O'reilly said would not return phone calls about their Christmas stance.

I have suggested to people to buy handmade items from craft stores for Christmas or make your own gifts. When I go shopping, I tell the cashiers Merry Christmas!

These secularist in our Country have destroyed our American values. But they will pay the price when they meet the Lord oneday!

Happy Thanksgiving and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and we need to remember it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus. I always send out over 200 cards at Christmas to clients and everyone of them are related to Jesus this year, as I have always done in the past. I am not pc about anything because I do not believe in adjusting my fundamental beliefs.