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Research is one of those things that will lead one to pull back in their mind and take a look at their changing values in life. I remember voting for Jimmy Carter for President because he had the moral character that I admired. I looked at the person when I voted because I did not have an ideology about party, at the ripe old age of 24 I was most proud to vote. My values have not changed at all, and I hope that some of you will take the time to read this because I have what I believe to be an important message for anyone that believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, and believes that one must be baptized and born again to be saved. You will hopefully open your eyse to the progression of the United States from 1776 to today.

Now, I want to direct interested readers to my link about the Federal Reserve Act on the right with other links in my blog. There is a real interesting lecture that you can listen to if you wish that tells all about the secret meeting in St. Simons Island, Georgia where the rich and powerful bankers came together in 1913 to create the corporation called the Federal Reserve. Ever since the inception of this exclusive corporation that none of us can buy stock in was formed, every Federal Reserve Chairman has been a Jew. With the formation of the Federal Reserve, we came off the gold standard for our currency, and this is how the United States was able to become the empire building Country that we have become. With a checkbook that never runs out of money, we have had elected Congressman borrowing money to pay for wars and weapons development and one social program after another, and if one has ever been to New York City, you no doubt saw the national debt clock that adds to enormous debt minute by minute. The interest just keeps piling on, and at present each United States Citizen owes about $467,000! Well as my English professor used to say me, "well where are you going with this story?"

Well here I am in 2005, one of the most dyed in the wool Republicans in Macon, Georgia, and a gung ho neocon leading up to the 2004 elections and did not even know I was a neocon. I am looking around on various blogs and see where former President Carter has a book out, and I read the comments and then remember why I voted for him. I voted for him because he had a good old Southern Baptist philosophy, and as a Baptist I related to him.

Well, now what happened to Jimmy Carter: I think back about the very high interest rates in 1981 and how gas prices went sky high. And that is the connection to the Federal Reserve Board that I thought of. You see Jimmy Carter had an isolationist belief system about the United States. As a person, he believes that all people are to be treated equally and he lives his life as Jesus would with being charitable. We all know that President Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize, and we know of his work with Habitat for Humanity. Now think about this, do you really think that these bankers at the Federal Reserve System can make money if we are not at war or not expanding our military bases. Now do not get me wrong here because I definitely believe that we need a strong military. But if we just promoted peace, then perhaps we would be the shining light to the world without dropping one bomb. Now, if the rich and the powerful see a President as an impediment to their financial gain, and do not forget the Federal Reserve is independent of our government, it would not be a hard stretch to realize that those with the power can make or destroy any President or any other political office holder for that matter. The interest rates being high just do not make since when looking back. All of us late baby boomers were first time home buyers, and why were interest rates in 1981 for a mortgage over 15%? You see the theory of supply and demand did not matter in our capitalistic market, when the money suppliers lowered interest rates after 911 to get people to buy cars and SUVs and not just one home, but second homes too! The lowest interest rates in about 40 years, money is here for all like candy to a kid came about at a crucial time when the middle income class needed to feel good about the Republican administration. Now if there is a big demand for money, then does it seem strange that the interest rates went so low? But oh, since I am Ms. Detail, I will clue you in with the piece to this puzzle. Remember we had just had the stock market bubble that burst and then 911, and all of those seniors with certificates of deposit were not going to risk their money in the stock market. Hence, there is money supply to galore, which kept interest rates artificially low. And, the senior citizens that worked and scraped to build a retirement nest egg lost fortunes in the stock market and then could not earn enough interest to keep up with the rising cost of living (inflation is real even if the brainwashers tell us that inflation is low). I see the connection and perhaps some of you do, too. President Carter was not part of the clique of spreading democracy to the rest of the world with force. After Vietnam, those of my generation did not want to lose our loved ones to war and we wanted those values of keeping the peace from a President, and Carter was crucified by the press for his economic failures.

But the media controls how we think, doesn't it? President Carter was made fun of and ridiculed for not having extravagant galas at the White House, and the high interest rates and high gasoline prices were blamed on him. You know the perfect scripture for our Country is "the love of money is the root of all evil." I do not have the chapter and verse, but trust me it is in the Bible.

I do not agree with everything that Jimmy Carter believes in, but I do believe he was a good moral leader for our country. I feel guilty for being manipulated by Fox when Hannity and Company said that a former President should never criticize a former President. You know here I am a defender of the first amendment, and I was agreeing 100% with this message. I thought wow our former President is a traitor to our Country, and I believe I have even heard Ann Coulter criticize President Carter.

I have the perfect quote for this point in my writing: "Even in a society of laws, one of the most indispensable freedoms is that to express in the most impassioned terms the most passionate disagreement with the laws themselves, the institutions of and created by, law, and the individual officials with whom the laws and the institutions are entrusted. Without the freedom to criticize that which constrains, there is no freedom at all."
–Judge J. Michael Luttig, Potential Supreme Court NomineeRice v. Palladin (4th Circuit, 1997)

So here we have a man that has reached the highest office of the land President of the United States and a former Governor of Georgia and a man that served our country in the Navy, and he does not have the freedom of speech. Folks, I am here to tell you our country is not a democracy at all. Our country is being ran by tyrants, by neocons that suppress all dissenting voices. You see, I just got a wake up call myself today. I was posting on Ann Coulter's blog, and I said that I believe that this war is for Israel. I also talked about the Federal Reserve and the New World Order that was destroying our United States by eliminating living wage jobs for our own Citizens. Well Katie bar the door because I had the moderator on the blog put a photo of Hitler by every one of my posts, and I was called anti-semiitc and a bigot and you name it! I was shocked because here I was on Ms. Free Speech First Amendment talk about everybody because the Constitution grants that right to me because I am Ann Couter's blog, and I was actually locked out today! I was banned from the blog by an administrator. There was another poster on the blog that defended my postings and said that he believed me to be a very sincere person. This guy was banned and locked out before me, so I posted a comment in which I called the moderator a fascist and put the definition of a fascist, too. I also told the guy that had defended me that I was sorry that he was banned. But he was not able to read my post at all because being locked out means that when you go to Ann Coulter's blog, you get a message that reads that you are banned and locked out. A locked out person cannot even read the comments that are written about him or her!

So here I sit thinking wow is this the United States of America that my ancestors died for? Is this what our friend, Sgt Kelly Courtney of the USMC, died for in Iraq last October? Hey, I know I am outspoken and opinionated but I am no Hitler by a long shot. I could not believe that I could not post my feelings on the First Amendment Queen's Blog, but then I found this book of President Carter's (sorry I do not remember the title right now), and I thought well who am I compared to a former President!

If you will read my earlier posts, you will see my definition of a neoconservative. After President Carter was defeated is when the neocons left the Democrat Party and lo and behold became Republicans! You also will see in that the neoconservatives are mainly far right Jews and the next majority group of the neoconservatives are Catholics. For those of you that pay attention to details, you will see the connection with Fox News-Bingo all of the journalist are either Jews or Catholics! For those of us in the evangelican Christian faith that were moved to vote for President Bush because of the gay marriage fiasco and the abortion debate (and by the way the abortion debate has been going on since Susan B. Anthony's days), we did not get the fact that we were taken along for a ride to victory. Our rights do not matter, our rights to our property do not matter, our rights to free speech no longer matter and the nomination of Harriet Miers by President Bush was slammed right off the bat!

Guess who was bringing Ms. Miers down? Well for starters we had the Godfather of the Jewish Neocons, Mr. Abrams, then we had Mr. Frum (also a Jewish Neocon and former speech writer for President Bush), Barry Lynde (I believe of the ACLU), and the biggest mouth against the Evangelical Christian, Harriet Miers, was none other than the Catholic, Ann Coulter! Yep, Ms. Coulter that said we should make all Muslims convert to Christianity was so very critical of a very good Supreme Court pick by President Bush! And then we had some political pundits that took leaks from the White House that Ms. Miers was not suitable to interpret the Constitution! Now, any serious person should have said what the hell is going on here anyway? Ms. Miers advised President Bush in Texas and at the White House, would she not to be a very smart person to work for the President? Many of you may not know this, but Supreme Court Judge Scalia thought Ms. Miers would make a good Judge! Now, here is the icing on the cake folks, Judge Alito is a Catholic.

Now do I hate Catholics? No Now do I hate Jews? No But you know what, it sure seems the Catholics and the Jews have no use at all for an Evangelical Christian to become a Judge on the Supreme Court. So a baptized, born again Baptist cannot sit on the Supreme Court because she or he cannot interpret the Constitution. You know I am so disappointed, and I truly believe that President Bush has been let down. It is unbelievable because we never really left our ties with England, and we are indeed still a colony even after the Revolution that secured our Indepedence in 1776 and all of the brave Christian soldiers that died on the battlefield have led us right back to the tyranny of England that the war was all about. You see, we really did not need a war then either in my modest beliefs. We were fighting to get away from high taxation on tea (I would rather pay high taxes on tea than all of the taxes I pay today-how about you?), and to be independent of the tyranny of the Catholic church of England. If you remember history, the elitist controlled all of the wealth and the lower class people were serfs, slaves and or share croppers. So here we are 229 years later, no freedom of speech, controlled media owned by a few major corporations (by the way I almost need to whisper it-majority Jewish controlled), Catholics and right wing Jews in charge of our United States. Now our property can be seized if the state has another interested party that will make better use of our land to generate more tax revenue! Again, "the love of money is the root of all evil." Now do you believe those history professors that said history repeats itself? I most certainly get the big picture, and Lord I pray more people wake up before it is too late. But how can we get our message to the masses when the media suppresses dissenters, and when even our own supporters of the US Constitution (ie Ms. Coulter) suppresses our rights to free speech.

We have lost our individual liberties in the United States, and what is so sad is that most people do not even realize it. Welcome to the New World Order, it is not coming anymore because it is here. My apologies to former President Jimmy Carter, I am so sorry that I went along with the ridicule of you as an important person in our United States. God bless you and God bless President Bush because he is a good and moral man, too. President Bush has more on his plate than any President in my memory with Hurricane Katrina, the War on Terror, and White House leaks. Do you see the correlation here, the Lord is not happy with our United States? Do you really think that Jesus is happy that three born again Christians are ridiculed on a non-stop basis: President Carter, President Bush and Harriet Miers?

This past election 2004 was not what it appears to be with all of the Christians that voted for President Bush. Oh we support the President, but we do not really support the tyranny of his other supporters or those of us that see the big picture most certainly do not. We are not reading and living by the scriptures, as we cannot follow a political party for a Christian awakening because that is following an Anti-Christ. The only person that will lead us to a spiritual awakening and redemption is Jesus Christ when he returns in the second coming. I truly believe the time is growing nearer with each passing day. But our days in this United States are going to get worse and worse with each passing day. Rome fell, and sadly unless we get on a righteous path, so shall we. God Bless America!

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